Unless she gets paid in dicks, which is a possibility. I can totally see hiring go go dancers for a huge party, more like an event type deal but this girl was dancing on a milk crate at a house party with like 15 guests. Permalink Submitted by Jenelles 5th Ba Every time I read about milina being a go go dancer I get this song stuck in my head its so annoying https: Jordan reminds me of my nephew’s baby mama. It was refreshing to see Jordan own up to it. I thought her calling them Permalink Submitted by Jenelles 5th Ba They’re the most random ass couple- dude was a one night stand and was totally gone for half her pregnancy, then came back and they’re still together going strong like 3 years later.

Notify me of new comments via email. It’s pretty much telling the other person, “Oh It never showed on my guide. Yeah man, what the hell was hat? Jordan- the way Dereck was yelling at her on the phone really bugged me. I can’t wait to see this shit. So maybe she didn’t film at all because she didn’t want any more backlash.

Not dangerous at all. I liked it, too! And then they followed it up with Arianna looking more drag queenish than usual. When Millina said “My mom got out of jail and then got pregnant. I’m afraid he sewson be the Adam to her Chelsea.

He said that Genevieve cries whenever Jordan picks her up to hold her, etc which again, was almost 4 months ago because she doesn’t milna know her. Now that it was mentioned, I remember that Valerie beat up her Mom.

It was obviously a way to work in what birth control she’s using 55 the segment. We get a real update with Autumnthe mother of the baby named Drake.

I keep being torn to feel bad for her, but mostly I don’t. I say it all the time.

Autumn and Millina from ‘16 & Pregnant’ Season 5 Are Dating — Report

prfgnant I love the boys playing video Permalink Submitted by legsesSpreadFor Honestly, the girls who didn’t film for the catch-up special probably wouldn’t do “Teen Mom 4” anyway because they seemed way more focused on doing the best for their children regardless. And Hope’s segment ended with her boyfriend Ben pitching a tent in his friend’s backyard because he couldn’t get a job and no one would let him live with them!


I have seasoj thought Leah was on meth.

Samantha, Nikkunt, Nicole, and I want to say Jennifer were the only ones who were interviewed. Summer’s on now and I forgot how hard it is to understand her accent. Sad she said Stone talked to her the way he did and that his mom had to come pick up Rowan. Whatever person or doctor told her that was not correct.

Star of “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Millina Kacmar Announces She’s Pregnant

Courtney chose not to film for the special, but did have a Skype message. How could these people live with themselves! These days, Aleah and Shawn are living on their own, and she is in school to become a ad assistant.

Oh, shit, I’m missing it! She kept making these “Oh, shit, do I tell her now? Trevor still wants to be with Millina.

Summes goes out with her sister Pookie I think her name is Dani and they talk about how their mom hasn’t made contact with them in about 3 months.

The xeason that she named him such a normal, beautiful name like Elijah did, however, surprise me. Yup, they ended up both abandoning their child and now she’s primary being cared for by Nicole’s mom.

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Her new bestie seemed like a good dude though so maybe she will get her shit together and dump Trevor for good and get with him. It was always “the baby. I don’t know how far along Permalink Submitted by Catelynns Carly I forgive your mustache, Trevor. Does anyone remember that online catchup MTV did with Nicole, the one who became a stripper and drug addict? Unfortunately, children are used by their parents as pawns all the time, and it tends to have nothing to do with how much their parents love them.


OMG everythign has to be so politcally correct these days. His mother spoiled the shit out of his then 5 year old brother and would legitimately FORCE me to set aside an hour every time I came to the house to play with him. I recently forced convinced Permalink Submitted by Jenelles 5th Ba I liked that Genevieve was dressed when being filmed. I liked the guy, and was with him from the time I was 16 to the time I was 18, but his family drove me up a wall.

I love your username so much. The friend mentions that the longer she puts off seeing the doctor, the longer she goes without seeing her kid.

She doesn’t have a ton of friends, but enjoys hanging out with her sister, Misty.

I’m from Richmond city and remember that she lives somewhere nearby in the boonies.? She didn’t say how long or why she stopped though. Lol her dancing was so fucking awkard Maddy still has a good relationship with her mom, and they see each other a couple of times a week.

He just seemed so over the situation, and probably let her see Evie on camera so he could get it done and over with. Or name your kid basically the same name for their first and middle name like Gary and Ayyyym did with “Leah Leann. I bet he’s gotten plenty of Permalink Submitted by legsesSpreadFor