Jasmine Samimi October 17, at 3: Kim Young-tak Hello Ghost. The Ultimate Weapon, aka War of the Arrows, a day early and it was also the first time I have seen a sageuk or any Korean movie for that matter on the big screen. Love her dress, love the color, love her shoes. Log in to comment. Park Jung Hyun supposedly blew away the attendees of this event with her powerful performance. Community Forums Apps Viki.

I Love some of his dramas and movies anyway! I mean her acting in WBDS is worst: Kang So Ra, rocking that piece of confection white shortie. Did they recently co-start in a movie? He is truly adorable. Ryoo Seung-beom The Unjust. As for the fashions:

The visual effects were stunning, too but the part with the tiger was a bit “forced”, imho. Andrea October 17, at 5: So he borrowed someone’s suit for the ceremony? Big Bang’s Seungri spotted urgently running away from journalists at the airport. Bleak Night – 2 2.

HAHAHA ohemgee i actually went ahead and googled cause i mean they totally looked like they were dating from the pictures and than i found articles stating that Seo Young Hee got married lol.

Jo Sung-ha did win, in the supporting actor category. Raine October 20, at That girl is on a roll! D Congrats to Kim Ha Neul, love her! Kim Haneul grabbed one of a few awards not given to the dominant winners Bow or Front Line for her performance in Blind. Moby Dick – 3 0.


Performance from the 48th Daejong Film Awards

He’s my new ahjusshi crush ; and these ‘NEW’ awards? Shiku October 17, at 6: Where do you buy your k-movies? Yoon Sung-hyun Bleak Night. Episode 12 by LollyPip. I am just curious, that’s all. ITZY’s Chaeryeong’s mother speaks up against netizens criticizing her visuals.

I’m so happy with this year’s winners War of the Arrows ended up taking the prize. Best ensemble of the night? Maybe I’m reading too much TLo tomandlorenzo. D We all have our preference anyway. What perforance watching by DB Staff. The woman knows how to lerformance classy and sexy.

Count on her and her quirky fashion sense to pair a flowy, floor-length gown with chunky leather boots. Seo Yeong-hee is a deserving second because that color is lovely. She was also nominated for the Swards Actress award, was looking forward to her red carper pictures: Jang Yeong-nam Hello Ghost. You and me both!!

The Ultimate Weaponwhose box office numbers are still climbing.

Hm, was she feeling nostalgic? Sunmi surprises fans with ‘coming soon’ teaser image for March comeback.

Nam Na-young Sunny Cinematography: Those I cannot find by other means, Yes Asia. Won Bin Lifetime Achievement Award: Shim Eun-kyung Romantic Heaven. Bluefyre October 17, at 9: In an odd way, it reminded me of Bijork’s “dead swan” dress at the Oscars, years ago.


That said, this year’s films are all solid and I am especially happy saejong Ryoo Seung-wan’s brilliant The Unjust wound up with 7 nominations, although it is unfortunate that it wasn’t able to bag a single win.

I’m so glad Sunny got something because I adored that movie to bits! Netizens have been commenting on how some of the audience members looked nonplussed during the performance, sparking a debate once again on whether or not it’s acceptable for idol groups to appear at formal events. The Front Line Actor Award: She was a wood.

55th Grand Bell Awards

Kang So Ra, rocking that piece of confection white shortie. But the first pic of Jang Geun Suk? The problem is time and money. You could have fooled me. NCT drop seconds video for Johnny.

48th Grand Bell Awards – Wikipedia

Could you please tell me if Daniel Choi and Seo Young-hee are dating? Bae Jong Wook in a form-fitting, nude dress does not know how to age!

Doesn’t he have a stylis Cha Tae Hyun gives a big grin to the camera.