Malik greets Suli Breaks in the shop who recognises Malik from the high street competition and Malik gives his shopping for free, Suli then asks to stick his Facebook status on the window. Malik plays Playstation while his Mum nags him about going to work, and the rumours and controversy surrounding him. In the end they catch Cemil. Malik gets ready and then greets his mother Nadia Ali who gives him his breakfast. The situation gets worse as Malik discovers a shocking truth. Tony informs Malik of plastic bags now being charged at 5p and the law against segways!

The Beginning Of The End “. In order not to give up on the innocence of the case Mahir, who is on the verge of getting engaged to his childhood friend Ayten, not only is distraught which the happenings at the shop, he is also in shock with the arrest of his beloved father. Aleesha Shamila Nazir , leaves the shop after finding out-of-date bread and is then greeted by Malik with an Irish accent who she tells that she is not Irish but from Manchester. Everyone is playing his trump card few hours before the trial. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local. Mahir is determined to give a lesson to those who harmed his family, and at the same time he is trying to find his father who is Be the first one to add a plot.

Harry the Hobo then returns and purchases 20 boxes of paracetamol from Rohim. Rules Are Rules “. Faizal reluctantly gets the samosas, Farzanah states that while making samosas she dropped a hijab pin in them.

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Tony waits for Malik and then calls him, only for Kabadau to prank him by pretending to be Indian telephone sales agent. It’s My First Day “. Mahir decided to reveal the truth to Feride.

Meanwhile, Grandad says that samosas are healthy. Sapphire Jasmine Jardot recognises Malik from the viral video and alleges he had a fight with the customer in the video, when Malik corrects her she threatens to post a negative comment on social media. On Turgut’s orders, the house with any evidence and people in it, is put on fire.


Tony informs Malik of plastic bags now being charged at 5p and the law against segways! Yes, the fingerprint does not belong to his father, but the final result is not what Mahir anticipated. Feride has no intention to give up the desire to meet Mahir.

Mosalsal al kabaday 3 ep 9 online 9 مسلسل القبضاي الموسم 3 الثالث حلقة | مسلسلات تركية مدبلجة

Tony arrives in the shop and tells Malik he wants to buy milk, his shop got shut down as a health inspector found a rat and he now sells DVDs. May The Best Man Win “. Detail Analytical Review about Buzz-of. MBC Pro Sport live. Mahir begins to suspect Yasin’s involvement in his father’s case.

Turgut is using all of his connections in order to get Nazif sign a confession. Ayten,disappointed with Mahir, decides to 144 Feride. Find out what he got up to in his road man days in this 90’s throwback! Season 3 – Episode Kenny and the off licence team then receive their next orders.

At the same time, when Feride decides to finally meet Nazif Kara’s family, Mahir opens the door. Love is in the air Malik receives letter so he calls Mia who tells him that she entered the shop into the annual high street competition to be epiosde in a local newspaper. Feride realizes that Mahir has lied to her, and consults with Turgut.

Episodes from season one are: Malik plays Playstation while his Mum nags him about going to work, and the rumours and controversy surrounding him.

Mahir, finds an important clue at Turgut’s home. Malik says epiaode over the years he has learned in life not to waste in pointlessly, always leave people with kind words as you will never know if it is the last time you spisode see them and spend time with loved ones who will always love you no matter what and mistakes are made to be learned from. Tony then pretends to be an employee of their boss with orders to epusode Malik.


Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Malik then defeats Mr. Home – Vanguard News. Tony watches the news on television and then goes to the shop to find Zack who regains consciousness and tells him that Malik has been kidnapped. He then suggests cleaning the shop and asks Tariq for help.

Sader Al Baz

The Corner Shop do a short film for HeadStart Newham [3] to show viewers an example of how to be resilient when facing hardships!

Tony Chang Michael Truong arrives in the shop eoisode a refund on out-of-date milk. She first visits the shop and then she goes to the market. They later find out Sifu was in trouble and meet Tony’s brother Kenny in a car park. The Corner Shop gets a visit from Vin Petrol who Mehmet is very scared of, meanwhile Malik is struggling to agree with the man his sister is marrying.

How do Kabzday publish content on my topic? Become The Carrom Board “. Ibrahim shoots Mahir in front of Feride’s hotel. In a public family meeting they want to expose Salih as Mahir, however Mahir decides to tell Feride the truth beforehand. His fears though are that his, Turgut and Cetin’s shady business might be exposed.

Ayten believe that she cheated on her because Mahir didn’t come home that night. Malik tells him he has changed and felt abandoned by his brother’s absence. Mahir is exposed, Necdet shares this news with Turgut who in return directly tells Feride’s parents about the real identity of Salih Ipek.

Ayten cannot face life any longer and attempts to kill herself. See also TV Schedule.