Ileana is very pretty but sad and pitiable. Was Isa’s plea to kill Alonso convincing? Best Original Story or Adaptation. I want William Levy to kiss me, over and over and then start over again. Dionisio amenaza de muerte a Isadora si lo traiciona. I remember when Bobby brought Baby Christopher home and Pam mistakenly thought Bobby had somehow adopted him. First and foremost was his condescending, racially hateful remarks to Marta in front of Lilian when it became clear Marta would not take him back.

Carito enters the room and interrupts and Sonia and Leon adjust their body language to not give away their relationship. So will Bobby and David. Gut is on board to help them. I guess Al knew that Isa knew he could never pull the trigger if he managed to get the gun. Friday, December 28, at I hope Al finds out the sleepy nurse is his biological madre and she happily takes him home for TLC. He has done nothing to make me care about him. I hope Rosario tells Al that his mother wants Rosario to end his life.

He goes running through the cabin looking for her. Juanita, that amog be like a Verdi opera. I have a feeling you also have a way with chocolates and acting!

Of course Miggy wants information and Carita wants Miggy. Aaron says it’s no big…he’s glad he got to live with Rafa again, like when they were kids. Do you remember Who Killed JR? I want Flor to get different glasses. Wednesday, March 8, at 3: Tell cathyx who it was!

I haven’t looked to see which days, if any, the show won’t be on. She can move onto which ever brother she chooses but Kat’s polyandry option is there too ; And Gussy going through it.

Caray, Caray!: Amor Bravío #93 (Uni 88) Thu 12/27/12 Amor Recuperado

I liked the cow reference, too. She has not exactly made any great sacrifice for anyone, except maybe sacrificing her daughter and husband to stay in this luxury and skank somebody else’s hubba. But Rosario knows that Alonso has the last name of his father, and so does Isadora. Maybe not as much as he is with her, but on the other hand, something about her offer to break up did seem to me like it was offered in a spirit of trying to do what was best for her guy this time.


Yep, Francisco needs to tell Dan all he knows before he exits.

Miguel offers to go with him to give episoed statement to Gut and also to get him coffee. Mark joins Juan in his apartment.

The Incas settled in the valley of mitimaes, the main installation settled in the center of the present city, with strengths as Huaca de Chena, the area would have served as a basis for the failed Inca expeditions southward road junction as the Inca Trail. Rafa tells everyone they can’t go to the cops yet because she hasn’t been missing long enough.

I trust Fer is already practicing. Otherwise, I think it fits like a glove http: I figured that after his revelation to Camila, any meeting between him and Cam would be very awkward, so they used Ruth to have a reason for him to be absent from the post-kidnapping and funeral.

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He seems to stupidly think epidode Isa would keep her word to allow him to keep MQ, split the earnings with him, free Camila, and let him walk off into the sunset with his cut of the money. She shoves him with the gun and demands that he call Daniel.

Tormentosa Luna de Miel. Anybody ever try to have an online Caray reunion? Alonso agrees to her plan, but he says he doesn’t know how to get in touch with Daniel. It goes down hill A bit from here if The sucubuses have their way. Lilian plans to make their lives impossible. We know that Isa didn’t recognize Rosario. Chief operating officer Randy Falco has been in charge of the company since the departure of Univision Communications president, the new owners helped to turn around the stations fortunes by heavily investing in programming.


Lilian continues packing when Gracie comes in to tell her Fer wants to go with them.

Sucio negocio

I guess Al knew that Isa knew he could never pull the trigger if he managed to get the gun. Thanks Kat, you nailed many of the details that went over my head. Let her get a job, go brwvio community college, pay bills, and buy her own used car.

If Miriam returns and I think she will toothat kind of squashes Camila’s theory that she and Dan are predestined to be amr because they both lost their spouses. Rafa and Vivi come running in and Rafa announces to everyone that Camila is missing. It is horribly ironic that Rosario surrendered a helpless but healthy infant only to have him returned to her as a helpless adult. Thanks, Kat, for a funny, wonderful recap, and thanks to all the recappers for keeping me up-to-date.

Retrieved 8 August I hope it’s Miguelwith Paco for him bravjo give Gut what little information he has. Glad you’ve been busy, too. I’m a little bit seeing it both ways on Luciana. Didn’t he and Camila get married in a church ceremony? KMEX became the first Spanish-language television station ever to outperform English-language network stations and that year, Univision also acquired KXLN, the first Spanish-language television station in the Houston market.

Though I wasn’t a fan of Xi, it is horrible seeing all these negative memories her family has of her except her deluded dad. Fer tells Gracie she doesn’t care where they are going, she just wants to go with her. There will be a hiatus of the Weekend Discussion due to the holiday and to my cold, which has to get better today in time for the opera tonight.