This site uses cookies. Less linear sorting practices are available, such as 4 left, 3 right, 5 right, which includes a lot of other contextual information. You will need to convert these into. Working with plain text files The AntConc user interface, loading corpora Keyword-in-context searching Advanced keyword-in-context searching Collocates and word lists Comparing corpora Discussion: Moreover, Chris and I are of the same mind when it comes to not introducing more complicated software for the sake of using software, so when he told me about this I was willing to give it a try, especially as he has successfully done exactly what I was trying to do. When thinking about how movie reviews work as a genre, you could consider, for example… Movie reviews vs music reviews Movie reviews vs book reviews Movie reviews vs news articles about sport Movie reviews vs news articles in general Each of these comparisons will tell you something different, and can produce different research questions, such as:

What if you could take many concordance plots and layer them to get a composite view of many concordance plots in one image? Can you look at many concordance plots at the same time? One of the things corpus tools like Antconc are very good at are finding patterns in language which we have a hard time identifying as readers. These parameters can be slow to respond, but be patient. X11 seems optional, especially if you keep your finder window open nearby. I turned these screenshots into a very large jpg with the help of an open source image editing program, just to have them all in one document together.

For example, you might want to remove standard headers and footers which will appear on every page. Hit OK; it will do it automatically. So far I have only used regular expressions, command-shift-4, doncordance, paste, save as. One of the things corpus tools like Antconc are very good at are finding patterns in language which we have a hard time identifying as readers.


Go to your desktop and check to see you can find your text file. Some people might want to remove these small words by using a stopword list; this is a common step in topic modelling.

Concordance Plot — AntConc Manual documentation

Word list warning Try generating collocates for she. Guiding focus question here: You p,ot, for instance, make other comparisons with different subsets of reviews, which yield very different kinds of questions.

As you might imagine, it can be rather tedious to build up a substantial corpus one file at a time, especially if you intend to process a large set concordnce documents.

Again- look for patterns in usage using the KWIC! There are a few things that I notice in this plot: What do you see?

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Though there are certainly complicated readings of this title, I consider instances of mistress to be at the very conclrdance a vocative relating to social class in Early Modern England. As readers we tend not to notice them very much. Antconc will not read. Then, from the directory of normalised images: Do this for each of the two searches and then look at concordannce two text files side by side.

Adjusting the wildcard settings.

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There are many fewer instances of she — why? And of course you could flip those questions to make further research questions: Can you explain them? What do you notice?

This will show you a full file view for larger context of a result. The Concordance view will show you every time the word the appears in our corpus of movie reviews, and some context for it. Keep in mind that the way your organize your text files makes a difference to the kinds of questions you can ask and the kinds of results you will get. This will show you a very simple visualization of your KWIC search, where each instance will be represented as a little black line from beginning to end of each file containing the search term.


Now search for these separately: It is worth looking at what both results show. I put those in a new folder of normalised images. This lesson has been translated into Spanish: These parameters can be slow to respond, but concoddance patient. You will need to convert these into. Usage drops in the pot action, until just before the denoument; there is a point where vocatives are used quite consistently heavily, marked by but surrounded by white on both sides.

To do this, I opened a terminal, moved to the correct directory, which comprised moving through 6 directories. You should now have texts in the Corpus Files column.

To learn more about the concepts and techniques for webscraping, see the Programming Historian tutorials scraping with Beautiful Soup and automatic downloading with wget. This might be easier to read! How are book reviews different to movie reviews? In order to get my concordance plots for vocatives attached to a name, I used regular expressions searching for the vocative in question in a bigram with a capital letter strung together by pipelines, so the resulting search looked like this signior wntconc spelled incorrectly; this is the spelling which produced hits — I suspect something happened in the spelling normalisation stage: Be sure to think carefully about what a reference corpus for your own research might look like eg.

Each of these comparisons will tell you something different, and can produce different research questions, such as:.