With Sinclair’s prompting, Doctor Benjamin Kyle decided to risk treating Kosh, which meant opening the encounter suit. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Retrieved from ” https: I find it amazing that you think that threats still mean anything to me. Sheridan refuses to join the Shadows and after fighting them off-camera, they finally corner him on a balcony over an abyss. Unfortunately in the absence of anything from JMS himself, speculation is all I can offer.

The Vorlon Government seemed to assume he would die, and demanded that both his body be returned and Commander Sinclair be sent to the Vorlon Homeworld for trial. On Season 3 finale Was he wounded when he was caught? Kosh Naranek is a character within the fictional universe of the science fiction television series Babylon 5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https:

Depicted as one of the older members of his species, Kosh Naranek was well regarded by the Vorlon Empire.

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Or —the least likely— did he hit bottom? This portion would later be revealed during Sheridan’s resurrection on Z’ha’dum.

Keep in mind that in Babylon 5there is in fact a part of a person described as their “soul”. The Vorlon government prohibited opening Kosh’s encounter suit. When Sheridan asked Kosh if he would teach deayh about Vorlon culture, Kosh told Sheridan that he could not teach him if he did not even “know himself”.

I actually consider the reverse question much more interesting. And if there is not a risk of physical death, there is no need to replenish his life force, thus we don’t need the resulting “20 years clause” in the story. Kosh seldom spoke, bwbylon on rare occasions would speak in vague riddles.


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Determining that a cure would be impossible without knowing where the poison entered the Vorlon, Dr. After Sheridan pleaded with Kosh for help against the Shadows, Kosh finally authorized the Vorlons to intervene, albeit in a limited capacity. He is wounded but able to walk, step on the edge of the balcony and jump into the abyss, while his White Star —armed with two nuclear bombs— crashes into or nearby the same place he is jumping from. RichS, I don’t know about the other guy, but I favorite everything I comment on, simply so that I can follow the discussion.

How was this character killed in Babylon 5 season 3 finale? Post as a guest Name. We know kosb because there are people who capture them in little jars. Retrieved from ” https: I would say that this is what Lorien is talking about – the presence or absence of a vital soul, not a body per se.

As Kosh was dying, Deatg had a dream in which Kosh appeared to him in the form of Sheridan’s father. How did he live?

LudovicoN It’s not covered anywhere as far as I’m aware. LudovicoN Both fair points. This question is interesting enough that it has two favorites but only one upvote.

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But how did this happen? Well, of course he hit the bottom; what else could possibly happen? Even so the Vorlon involvement turned the tide of that battle.

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He had a particular interest in Sheridan. Unfortunately in the absence of anything from JMS himself, speculation is all I can offer. Been there, done that. Babylon 5’s producer and creator, J.


He was probably about as far away as Sheridan was from the blast epicenter.

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As the dream ended and Sheridan woke, he realized that it was Kosh speaking to him and that he had been attacked. LudovicoN LudovicoN I babyln it amazing that you think that threats still mean anything to me.

Remember, close counts in nuclear war The plot of the series pilot entailed Kosh’s arrival, humanity’s first contact with a Vorlon, and an attempt on his life by a member of the Wind Swords, a militant section of the Minbari warrior caste. Unlike some Vorlons, Kosh showed a degree of concern about the welfare of the younger races.

Sheridan was often frustrated with Kosh’s enigmatic responses to questions put to him.

Kosh Naranek

He jumps only moments before the ship crashes into the skylight and detonates her nuclear warheads. As far as I’m aware, the exact cause of death was never mentioned. To all younger races, bar the Centauri, outside his encounter suit Kosh appeared as a holy being of light from each race’s own particular religious pantheon. Why do you say this implies a “complete reconstruction” and what do you mean by that? On Season 3 finale I don’t think we’re ever told and certainly we’re not shown but it is strongly implied that while his dive off the balcony jump took Sheridan out of range of the explosion of his Whitestar it also killed him, or would have killed him if Lorien hadn’t intervened.