The over-the-top character he played in pre-season interviews gave him a rough start with most, but he didn’t stick long enough for us me anyway to get to know what he’s really about. Jessie is good looking and your just a pimple-popping hater. All subscriptions include flashback and mobile access for most smartphones and some tablets, including iPads. The black guy will be one of my favs as well. Are you the publisher? BBQ 1, Dick 0 Round 2: Big Brother 15 Feeds are ON!

Elissa had a mini meltdown and threatened to quit again, and Helen had a major meltdown about that in her retell to HOH crew but much of that was Helenspeak in my opinion.. Houseguests, remember to enjoy yourselves today.. People would flip the channel so quick if we were all politically correct, it’d be boring – they put us in here ’cause we’re all batshit crazy Helen: But his lovely descriptions of the site made me happy, and we all like our hard work to be appreciated. June 26, 8: This sucks so bad! An extra interesting one showed up today which they titled “Bringing someone back?

It will not be the best quality at all, but it is watchable.

Big Brother 15 Episode 1 Pizza Boy Delivers and the Never Not Pass

Sambella July 16, at She came off as arrogant and obnoxious, yet after meeting some real bitchy girls, Jessie actually seems pretty sweet and nice. So happy she got it……. I go into DR and say I totally threw that, they’re like no you didn’t. At least then she could stalk him bi TV. June 26, 9: Learn how your comment data is processed.


Jackie July 18, at 9: Feeds start at 9pm PST! Helen and I created this amazing bond and I think she’s one of the greatest people I’ve ever met MelissaMeek: I like McCrae and Nick?

DogDave has been found (Wednesday 8/21)

Maybe him and Nick will be an alliance after bg cut the early deal in the HOH comp. I’m going to try to get tired really quickly Monday Elissa about producers: Episodw and Judd are floaters, the MVP twist might limit floating to a certain degree, but it will still happen.

GinaMarie’s birthday, HOH comp after the show? They both have WAY too much makeup now! McRae wins the HOH. Does anyone know what android phones it works with.

Big Brother 15 – Lazy Tuesday Afternoon In The House | Big Brother Junkies

Spencer turned off the gas, but not episodd the fumes reached all the way across the yard to threaten the gametalk zone with propane asphyxiation. She’s never like mean to anyone, she’s very unbiased in that regard I guess Aaryn: So excited to be back together again!! Don’t push me to eat at 8! It should be a great season! Wednesday Episode – Delayed by a few hours. Most likely to say she’s there ‘for the experience’ I don’t know if she said that much or not.

His eviction was the reality equivalent of the Red Wedding. Also more humor, more under-the-radar decent gaming, and another inappropriate joke or comment while we all have some pie. They will gray out another picture each day, eliminating another possibility.

Gina Marie and Jessie just seemed annoying, I hope they get the boot early. Anyway, I came home, popped on the feeds, and it appears the house is also having one of those days. Justified July 17, at Andy was clearly uncomfortable and Elissa wasn’t up to the debate challenge, so they set off to running the yard, and then Elissa came back to do her bendy in close proximity to the oh-so serious discussion, like she does But wait, there’s more: Ha, Frank actually had some depth to what he was saying and he was physically a beast.


Her comparing herself to me would be like me trying to compare myself to like Poppy Montgomery or Oprah Aaryn: I hope to have it posted by Midnight Eastern time.

Elissa has won the Veto. June 26, 8: Vote Up 0 0 Vote Down Reply. Browsing All Articles Articles. I almost ordered Showtime but found out about the change. I truly hope Judd can overcome his anxiety to win this one, as the feeds desperately need him and his funny. Aaryn and Kaitlin are already quite educated, eisode to makeup. Big Brother 15 – Episode 17 by Quirkydude.

So I was thinking about getting the feeds this year… but I have a question I will probably view mostly from my phone. Most likely to climb on stuff and be told ‘Stop that! Elissa did not attend All signs indicate Helen will be evicted with Elissa presumably dissenting.