Truth be told the day of lets give it a shot, is long gone. This first book starts with Casca, or Casey Romain as he was known in the American army in Without a doubt this is one of my favourite series. The current author, Tony Roberts , has written all the novels since , excluding Casca What I liked most about the book was the concept: The Liberator and Casca Guess I spent too much time outside. Unbeknown to the Eternal Mercenary, this family slowly grows and seeks to thwart the efforts of the Brotherhood.

In this episode, the king judges Casca to have become too popular with the army so he decides to trump up some charges of treason and then have Casca burned alive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He is sent into slavery for a time, where he is mentored for by a kindly Chinese man who teaches him martial arts as well as philosophy. Now that is value for your money. I call this story my hidden jewel. Casca did not initially understand what was happening to him until he was condemned to work in labor mines over a year period. In this volume, Casca leads some Norse men in battle and then takes them out in long ships to adventure in new lands. Casca was also a prisoner of the Brotherhood, in Casca

I have 20 of the 22 and will complete them all. Casca is a warrior that I would love to meet today! I mean, it’s not high art, but it’s a lot of fun.


Views Read Edit View history. American author, musician and former green beret. Immediately, Casca underwent a physical transformation into an immortal.


The current author, Tony Robertshas written all the novels sinceexcluding Casca View all 4 comments. Recent Posts Book Review: The Outlawwas removed for the same reason. The women in Casca have two functions, being whores and getting raped, often both. That bullshit don’t play with me. Feb 25, Aaron rated it movue not like it Shelves: The Brotherhood keeps Casca in their sights until that day; though they may hate Casca for his actions on Golgotha, they must not prevent him from meeting their Lord.

I ran across the paperback book “Casca 1: Yes, but a soldier for over years!

I’m okay with origin stories. In this volume, Casca decides to make his first visit to China. Goldman discovered Casca’s unusual healing properties lojginus became his biographer and chronicler after hearing his story.

On topic, This story would make for a much better basis of a set of films than some of the crap they have put out. Casca falls into service for the King Shapur II and this covers the few years of that service.

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Such an idea rfuio spawned a great series. It’s one cassca Conan, one part Highlander, one part retired soldier, one part midth Century American racism, one part confused Biblical mysticism, one part pro-war, one part cynicism of war, and two parts pretty good read. As the story unfolds we discover that his wounds hea I would love to read the whole series of books if they are like this one. Without a doubt this is one of my favourite series.

Being a huge fan of pulp, Casca seemed to be a character that I would enjoy. He becomes The Eternal Mercenary. I thoroughly enjoyed them and think that they are worth the time spent reading. I enjoyed this book. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Be the first to ask a question about The Eternal Mercenary. Just before dying, Jesus tells Casca that he is happy in his role and that he will remain the same until they meet again. Join 1, other followers Sign me up!


He first met Casca when the latter was brought into the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and a large mortar shell fragment lodged in his skull and into his brain, which should have been fatal. Jesus said to Casca, “Soldier, you are content with what you are, so shall you be until we meet again”. It’s a fun read. Jan 19, Troy Curtis rated it really liked it. It felt good reading a story about a tough, no-nonsense warrior unashamed of who or what he is.

Actually one of the things that bothered me about the book was the sexism—women are described exclusively in sexual terms, and rape is commonplace. I have prowled internet sites and book stores to collect all the paperbacks in the series written by Barry Sadler.

After all, a girl needed a protector. The Persian — book review.