Degrees by Meg Moore reviews ‘She just wants to feel anything other than the jumble of emotions she’s been mired in all day. Castle and Beckett discover their bedroom language. It’s a bit short, but how much does size matter if you know how to use it? Anything you say may be used against you Grazing his fingers across the bend of her elbow to get her attention in the bullpen. But when the stakes get higher, what do you think will happen? Snow angels, snowball fights, cuddling by the fire, hot chocolate, and sex Something like pancakes, eggs, toast, and sausage, however, what he spotted when he walked into the kitchen would “do him” just fine.

Except Without the Tiger by alwayskayla reviews Post-ep to Cuffed! Decompressing by Caskett reviews A Post-Still story that focuses on what happens after Castle and Kate return home following her near-death from the bomb. Wants to take her by the hand and tug her into the back of her cruiser. Kate’s message to Castle is hidden in the story. Images from the last hour flicker between them; hot, sweet memories they know will never completely fade, no matter where this takes them. The cat’s out of the bag. I wish by vignette reviews A smutty little missing scene from episode 3×09 “Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind. Kate breathed in his scent, wishing for more.

Seriously, how could I not write something about this? Touch Me by pappion reviews Their secrets shared, their relationship repaired, Beckett tells 7s07 if he’ll feed her she has something for him. Unwinds the bubble wrap from a few knickknacks he himself wrapped and boxed six weeks ago. Lie to Me – Rated: The delicate little bird on rocker legs, a silver paperweight in the shape of an asterisk, the parade of elephants that sat on her desk at the precinct for five years.

Drunk Fruitcake by muppet47 reviews “You’re supposed to make out on New Year’s. It’s late, they’re alone, and he’s restless; the perfect conditions for him to wander off in search of trouble.

Spoilers for The Lives Of Others. PS I’d also love sugestions for my title! I am not affiliated with them, sadly, and I make no profit nor intend no copyright infringement. No real spoilers, just speculation. What happens when Kate feels like teasing Ricky? Decompressing by Caskett reviews A Post-Still story that focuses on what happens after Castle and Kate return home following her near-death from the bomb. They need not fear any unwelcomed interruptions. Rated M for Mature.



He’s eyeing it too though, and she can almost see the fantasies flicking across his retinas. Halloween and Mistress Kate by glo reviews She misses their first Halloween Bash as a couple, but there’s a reason and it’s a damn good one. Thunderous by NellieRai reviews It’s a game to him, a way to turn her into an incoherent quivering, throbbing mess while she’s unable to do a thing about it. She could lie, she could and things would go right back to normal. Knockdown by shadoweddawn reviews What if Knockdown hadn’t ended with Castle and Beckett never talking about what happened?

Review and love it. In the Lion’s Den by madsthenerdygirl reviews There are ways to get on your boss’s good side. Don’t Shoot me by gizzymoon reviews Kate fears Rick might be her one and done. All ways by CastleFanFic reviews What happened that night No spoilers that I know of, exists in a kind of vaguely ambiguous universe where Castle and Beckett are sleeping together in some capacity.

The M rating is for chapter 2, which is pure and unapologetic smut. Art found in my bio. But even Lanie has her limits… Castle – Rated: Reprise by Starbuck reviews The Red Dress was originally posted in my T-rated One Shot collection entitled, “Back to You”, but due to popular demand, I have continued the story with a bit of M-rated flavour.

And suddenly there’s something else he needs to do before he goes to bed. And not necessarily good smut, but I love reviews!

7s07, Red Wine by Caskett reviews Post proposal fic about Kate and the red wine that makes her all. Savor by NellieRai reviews 7×03 spoilers. Cosmic connection by kimmiesjoy reviews Post epi 5×06 Her pleas have done nothing, her calm voice, her promises that the mask is long gone, that it’s just her in the uniform spread across his bed, but it’s no use.


How did Castle feel finally getting the woman of his dreams? But together, they make the night count, rekindlling their love. In response, he wrote her a list of all the cool awesome things that he would include in this so called “perfect day.

Castle News: Castle 7×07 “Once Upon A Time In The West” Moments

She is standing in front of him in a wedding gown but she can’t bring herself to say yes. Based on the kink meme prompt: Won’t Stop ’til it’s Over by NothingBeatsLife reviews “They were happy and in love, only a few weeks away from their wedding, and right in this moment all he was focused on was her, in that flamboyant dress and the things he could do, alone, in the rare quietness of the loft.

Can this really be going this horribly? Snek was adorable, but she really did want him. What steamy action occured in the bedroom that you didn’t see? Nine Tenths by NevynR reviews When Castle and Beckett have a quiet night in planned, they realise just how far awry their plans can get, thanks to an old acquaintance.

Bets and Strip Poker by glo reviews Castle loses a bet and offers to win back his dignity playing poker with Beckett. Post-ep for Swan Song. Staking Claims by MajorSam reviews She pulled back so she could look him square in the eye before boldly announcing “I’m claiming you. Yes, this is my take on THAT possible scene. Moments that I think could have taken a slightly srason M-rated route.

Who Needs A Tiger?