Kabir’s nephew Gattu Gautam Jaiswal is kidnapped by CID officer Dushyant upon the orders of a mysterious character, “Sarkar”, who keeps contact with him only through a phone. Kabir explains that she is a look like of Aditi, so he can pose her as Aditi. Aditi decides to tell everything what Ija had planned. Ginni is a mysterious girl with premonition skills, who predicted various mishaps and deaths of few people including her mother’s death and Ija’s first son excluding Kabir , Abhinav’s death too. Ija, by chance, repeatedly stabs Aditi, thinking that Kabir is dressed as the clown. Puru fails in doing the job because of his alcohol addiction. She even tries to get rid of Ginni, by sending her to a mental asylum, branding the child as psychologically ill. Indian television soap operas Colors TV channel series Hindi-language television programs Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings.

Neha and Kabir are married successfully. Maai is incapitated, as Ija disrupts Maai’s performing black magic ritual, which in turn backfires against Maai. Upon requests to Mata Rani, Kabir can now also hear Aditi. She pleads tearfully to Mata Rani Goddess Durga that she had vowed to reveal Ija’s true identity for the well-being of Kabir and Ginni. Kabir’s nephew Gattu Gautam Jaiswal is kidnapped by CID officer Dushyant upon the orders of a mysterious character, “Sarkar”, who keeps contact with him only through a phone. But she realizes that Kabir needed the money for Aditi’s sister, Ananya, because it was her right to get 9,,, nine hundred crore after Aditi’s death. Aditi tells Kabir to take care of Ginni and always be happy.

When Aditi removes her clown mask, a shellshocked Ija drags Aditi to her room, where she rejoices that she has triumphed one of her hurdles in her goal of killing Kabir. Kabir can have rest of 9,, nine hundred crores if Neha a. Ginni pleads Mata Rani that she wants to see and hug Aditi before she goes to Heaven.


Retrieved from ” https: He promises her that Ija also would be caught soon.

She teams up with Ija to kill Kabir. Aditi gives Ija an open challenge that she will reveal the so-called Sarkar’s real face to every one.

Puru had also failed in kidnapping her in the mental asylum. The Goddess epksode her and 201 has got another advantage.

He tells the truth to Kabir that his intention was to always harm Aditi, but she had taken it to her stride, also giving half of her property to his daughters.

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Aditi tells Kabir to take care of Ginni and always be happy. This page was last edited on 23 Augustat She is oblivious that Aditi is in the clown’s costume. Finally, Ija becomes madly frightened and she shouts out the truth that she had only killed Aditi. Ranveer hires Puru auugust carry the job, ordering him to kill Kabir while he is in his clown costume.

Kabir’s uncle is transformed, as he finds out that Aditi had signed half of her property in his daughters’ names, in case Aditi dies. The advantage ahr that Ginni can now hear Aditi’s soul, but only after the sun sets everyday. Ija is now made to turn against Maai by Aditi’s spirit.

A living evidence proves that Vasundhara Jaiswal is not Kabir’s real mother. After successful attempts in outwitting Karan, Kabir and finally Ranveer, Rishi bids her farewell by promising his help whenever she requires.

Kabir is shell-shocked on seeing Aditi’s dead body.

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Aditi comes to know that Ija wants to kill Kabir because he solely has inherited his father’s property, and Ija wanted the property to herself. Kabir video-tapes it and gives it to the police as episoce. This is when she comes to know that the Sarkar is none other than Ija.


Ranveer also teams up with Ija to kill Kabir.

Kabir finds out the real truth of Ija through Aditi’s soul. Aditi succeeds in defeating Maai. To investigate further, she goes to the City Hospital where Kabir was born maqt get the information of Kabir’s mother.

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Naagin season 3 Tantra Vish Ya Amrit: Ija then plans with Ranveer to kill Kabir in a house birthday party of the couple’s “adopted daughter”, to avenge death of her son Abhinav. Aditi then starts planning how she would destroy Kabir, as she suspects he had married her only for her wealth.

Aditi had died in a car accident. Her focus goes on rescuing Rishi rather than moving forward with her plan. It is revealed that Neha is actually Aditi, who had survived from the accident and had come to seek revenge from Kabir, with the help of Rishi.

She resolves into completing the 7 vows of the Hindu Marriage, failing which she promises to leave Kabir forever. Aditi’s mission now is to find who the real “Sarkar” is. Rishi is kidnapped and Kabir claims that he is her husband. Chhal — Sheh Aur Maat English: After many attempts to convince Kabir that Ginni can hear Aditi’s soul, the mother-daughter duo succeed, as Ginni tells Kabir whole story of Neha And Rishi, which the little girl didn’t know at all in the first place.