This would continue to be a side effect of blaze even as it evolved. This led to Paul becoming obsessed with strength and power as well as surpassing his brother who he deemed a failed trainer. Chimchar does so and hits Metagross, knocking it out. Brock realizes that Paul thought of this strategy as a result of Infernape using Flare Blitz underground earlier. Ursaring and Paul used brutal tactics, and Chimchar was pushed to the point of using Blaze. Turtwig uses Razor Leaf , but Zangoose swats them away. What Pokeballs does Ash have? After a good battling, Infernape used Mach Punch.

Once again, Ash and Paul simply can’t cooperate. Only Nurse Joy’s insistence makes him comply. It was initially owned by Paul as a Chimchar, but joined Ash’s team after being released in Glory Blaze! At sunset, Paul releases Chimchar, tells it to get lost, and turns to leave. It was later used in a battle against Flint’s Infernape , but lost due to its lack of experience. Navigation menu Namespaces article Discussion. The privacy and security policies differ.

Sometime later Ash and Paul battled with Ash using Chimchar and Paul using dhimchar Ursaring, in this battle it pushed so hard that it used Blaze defeating Ursaring but going out of control until Ash calmed it down. Prior to events of the Diamond and Pearl series, Paul saw Chimchar being chased by a group of wild Zangoose. Ash and Infernape are declared the winners!

AipomTurtwig and Pikachu dodge the normally unavoidable attack with the spinning maneuver Dawn taught them before.

Infernape has many powerful attacks at its disposal such as Flame Wheel so it’s set to be the powerhouse behind Ash’s team. Report Inappropriate Screen Name Pokemon. S11 Episode 28 Cream of the Croagunk Crop!


After putting up a good fight, Infernape was able to put an end to Ninjask’s lightning speed with a Mach Punch, evening the score. At Professor Oak’s Laboratory. When Ash urged Chimchar to unleash all of its suppressed feelings, Chimchar cried its heart out while being held in Ash’s arms, being overwhelmed with joy at finally being treated with love, care and respect, and not having to suffer from mistreatment again.

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Paul rudely commented that the two cuimchar perfect for each other: Brock steps forward to help as Holly and Croagunk notice. After many battles despite it being a powerful battler it wasn’t powerful enough for Paul’s taste and he couldn’t push it hard enough to make it use Blaze so he released it.

Infernape surfaces below Electivire and hits it dead-on, but then takes damage from the poison it received earlier. Paul continues training Chimchar as it dodges Ursaring’s Hammer Arm. This caused fire to erupt out of the ground which made a mist cover the whole field, drastically damaging Ninjask but also cancelling Drapion ‘s Toxic Spikes.

Paul describes how he first met Chimchar: Ash sends in Pikachu next, and Paul tells Electivire to direct Thunder into the ground again.

After the battle, Paul released Chimchar in front of Ash. But when Ash told Infernape to stop, it walked over to Ash and was able to listen to him, as it controlled Blaze for the first time.

Infernape’s final opponent was Paul’s Electivirein a heated battle in Battling a Thaw in Relations! Gligar lands on Team Rocket’s balloon—accidentally ripping a hole in it with its claws—then tries to land but nearly crashes into Paul and his Elekid in the process.

Ash’s Infernape

Chimchar immediately took damage from Onix’s previously placed Stealth Rockbut remained standing. Who is the father of Ash Ketchum? Paul walks away relieved as the pairings for the semi-finals are revealed, showing that Ash’s next opponent will be the mysterious Tobias.


Ash tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail at the last moment and the two attacks collide together. After using a Flamethrower, Chimchar was shown to be weakened from its last battle. However, this only powered up Flamethrower, making it deal massive damage.

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This was also briefly extended towards Ashas when Chimchar heard Ash yell out to it, Chimchar froze in fear, believing that Ash would punish it, rpisode was greatly surprised to find out that Ash’s yelling was out of concern rather than anger. The next day, the tournament continues as Dawn and Conway make it to the next round. Traumatized, Chimchar gained a morbid fear of all Zangoose.

Epidode fires Flamethrower but Zangoose jumps forward with X-Scissor. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Infernape battled Paul’s Electivire in the final battle between Ash and Paul. Infernape used Dig and used its Flare Blitz underground which made the field burst out Infernape’s flames which damaged Ninjask and canceled Paul’s Drapion ‘s Toxic Spikes effect and mist surrounded the field which made Infernape attack Ninjask by a single Mach Punch.

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