BdoubleO was a fan of Guude ‘s Mindcrack series since season 2. We find baby Ethan and then we lose him again Design Your Own Trim Moldings What is this game in Roblox? Jeff Devlin and his crew craft an airy living room with a couple of surprises in the loft upstairs out of a spring house in Pennsylvania. Stone House Revival 4: It’s 12 o’ clock midnight and the Krew comes to life on Krewmas.

Since mid, BdoubleO has done YouTube full time. Jeff Devlin uncovers a big surprise while restoring a historic dining room, parlor and living room in a stone farmhouse. On 31 October , Nicole surprised BdoubleO with the announcement of their second child. Guude didn’t message him back as he was flooded with messages. A gorgeous remodel on St. Vintage Rehab 11am 10c. Maine Cabin Masters 7pm 6c. We must survive the Red Dress Girl in Roblox!

Steampunk outfit for Feed the Beast [44]. We destroy friendships today in Pummel Party! Jeff finds not one, but two big surprises hidden in the dining room, then adds elements to the living room to give it a huge upgrade. This page was last crescraft on 28 Crewdraftat The Krew get new jobs as a contractor! A couple calls on carpenter Jeff Devlin and his team to make the most of their budget and restore their historic dining room and exterior facade.

Together they perform comical hijinks around the server. Keep up with your favorite hosts and get projects inspired by shows delivered straight to your inbox Privacy Policy. Since mid, BdoubleO has done YouTube full time. He also uncovers a gorgeous stone fireplace while restoring their large living room, inspiring 1 to make another huge discovery. We’re now stick people and we punch each other to win!


Crewcraft Season 3 – Episode 7: “Seinfeld Doorbell”

Funneh and Gold are private investigators who solve super natural cases. Roblox Seasoh ItsFunneh 10 months ago. Take a look at the treasures he turns over to his clients this season. Refinishing Vintage Furniture Jeff gets to work adding tons of historic charm to the crumbling facade and completely transforms the dining room with a custom-built mudroom nook. In Season 4, BdoubleO took the task of zeason the town hall. I buy a Robux Mansion in Meep City!! Season 3, Episode 3 Dueling Fireplaces Jeff Devlin ccrewcraft called on to restore a dated foyer and a huge living room with two fireplaces in a stone house.

He teamed up with generikb and new members JuicetraPungenceand skyzmin response to Biffa ‘s and Xisuma ‘s prank on Generikb. Stone House Revival 5: Then, Jeff and the crew restore history in the original keeping room and uncover an amazing surprise while stripping down the original wood mantel.

During the renovation, Jeff and the crew face a few bumps as they knock down a seaason, relocate the plumbing and try to bring some history back into the space. He has close contact with Jenkees and was allowed to play many of Jenkees’ music in his videos.

Season 3, Episode 6 Farmhouse Redo Jeff Devlin and his crew are called in to transform a dated kitchen and unfunctional dining room in a s farmhouse.


A blast from the past! Season 2, Episode 4 s Original Kitchen Restoration Jeff Devlin is called on to renovate a dated kitchen believed to be in the same spot as the original one that was built in the s. Survival of the Fittest.

Meet your new house guests!

Jenkees himself was pleased that BdoubleO has exposed many people to his music. Jeff Devlin and his crew are called in to transform a dated kitchen and unfunctional dining room in a s farmhouse.

Roblox Survivor 1 ItsFunneh Year ago. Minecraft Roleplay 3 ItsFunneh 3 years ago. Stone House Revival 3: So BdoubleO donated to Guude [23] crewvraft reminded him of the offer.

Crewcraft Season 3 – Episode 7: “Seinfeld Doorbell” – video dailymotion

A professional carpenter with more than 20 years of experience, Jeff Devlin has a passion for designing, creating and building things. They also want him to enclose the attached vestibule to create a mudroom, but they’d like it to blend in with the rest of the home with stone walls and vintage windows.

BdoubleOknown simply as BdoubleOseadon his personal name Johnis an American Let’s Play commentator, a former member of Mindcrackand an active member of Hermitcraft. Gas Pipe Desk Growing up is so fun in the span of 10 minutes! Teaching Kids Carpentry