Abby’s dog, Broadway Baby, is at the studio, and she’s gonna need a sitter. The person who said that sickling occurs whn dancers try to hard is incorrect. Uh oh – here we go, everyone. Kelly had stopped taking Brooke and Paige to the dance studio some time ago, but because she was still under contract, they still had to show up and film the show. Sickling is the reverse and is uncalled for in dance Anonymous Categories: Did you see if Lifetime posted the episodes on their site?? Thanks so much for being a great fan! The kids are the true stars.

You should replace dance moms with this show. Avalon, when does Lifetime usually post episodes? So yeah, Brooke still isn’t on the pyramid, and judging from the look on her face? The group routine rehearsal is not going well at all, and Kendall in particular seems to be taking the brunt of it. I’m gonna guess no The physical altercation got Kelly out of her contract after she tried before in vain. Her mother on the other hand The person who said that sickling occurs whn dancers try to hard is incorrect.

Anonymous Promo for season 4. I was just thinking of all the great times we had. The Baby Dancing Dolls are everything! If there’s epissode saving grace, it comes only when we learn that Abby Lee has come in 1 st Place, beating delishoss Candy Apples by a mere tenth of a point. Well, you’ll be happy to know that she DOES have a costume, and Abby was impressed – she thinks it’s good enough to beat the other girls.

Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties

Abby has gone from bitch, to just plain cruel. I think the fit was about Brooke and how Abby treat her, but no one knows for sure. That competition was def rigged. Abby uses this excuse because she knows treating the kids like that is what draws in viewers of the show. And I just know this isn’t going to end well.


Maddie has the facial, Chloe has the technical.

Kelly’s contract was breached with the fight, but Christi and Chloe are contractually obligated to do the show until their contract runs out. I watch this show! Chloe still hasn’t started work on her solo routine, and Christi is starting to get snitty about it. The submission box is currently: Kendall is off the bottom row, in the middle for the first time, and Chloe is right there with her. Kelly xelishows Christi and complainers anyway.

If you live somewhere else like me! The father sitting with Cathy making the Arsenio Hall “woofs” because he’s so excited.

Dance Moms Confessions

Sickling is the reverse and is uncalled for in dance Anonymous Categories: Episode 4 airs next week, and if you live in the states you can use Lifetimes website. Reply Parent Thread Link. I’ve heard both that the contract is renewed every year and that when they first signed up, they agreed to six seasons–I’m not sure which is true. My youtube version of the Cancer Special has been taken down. We love all the girls, and no hate will be accepted!

I wanna watch this show so bad.

Jalen, sliding across the floor on his head. Since Jill is the new Melissa, the pooper scooper is in her hands. The fines for breaching the contract are outrageously high–in the hundreds of thousands per person–plus I think they lose their titles earned while at the studio if they breach the contract.

The Moms are in the gallery comparing costumes. Back at Abby Lee, we’re making lemons out of lemonade. This show is 10x better than Dance Moms. You want an year-old to talk to her mom about what now?


I know I have a lot of question, but I deason like the girls and I would appreciate if you answer this.

Which she doesn’t have. We are not currently looking for new admins, but check back soon!

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God knows why, Jill. The group routine is called “Pink Lemonade”, and Abby has announced there will be hats. I heard from many Dance Moms fans who thought the last show took an uncomfortable turn, so I know I’m not the only one hoping this episode has more shenanigans and fewer tears from tiny dancers.

I wanted to ask, what’s all that drama about Hylands leaving? I was actually really horrified to learn I live quite near the Dance Sfason studio.

She packs up Chloe’s things and tells Abby she’s done – she can replace Chloe, but she just wants Abby to shut up. According to the Dancing Dolls coach and studio owner, she has been trained in everything from ballet to tap and, of course, hip-hop majorette.

At the top, can you just add a circle next to “ask archive admins” of “where to watch” so there aren’t all these posts every week. Do you know where to find Season 2 Episode 9???

Jan 23rd, Author: You can see the love that she has for them. Jan 22nd, Author: Who better to bring on a different kind of seasoon than Candy Apple Cathy?