Aarti overhears their conversation and misunderstands them. She suspects that Yash was more interested in getting close to Aarti and so he had come to drop her home. Punar Vivaah International Title: Yash overhears their conversation. Pankaj stops the music when he sees Mansi, Aarti and Paridi. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. More plausible ending would have been Ayesha walking out of their lives, with her daughter, denying spending even a minute more with the two-timer.

Shobha believes Aarti was uncomfortable about the fact that Yash may claim his right as her husband. At the gaming zone, Ansh and Palak get into fight over a trivial matter. Eventually, Prashant fell in love with some other woman named, Neha and wished to marry her. When Yash cheers up, Pratik informs Yash about his bachelor’s party and requests him to attend it. She states that it would take some time for Aarti to forget her past and accept Yash. Shobha and Satyendra are surprised when Aarti accepts Yash’s proposal. Vidhi intervenes and informs the families that they must first apply haldi to the grooms.

Before leaving, Yash’s father keeps Aarti’s photograph on the table but Yash does not look at it.

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Irfan Ahmed sardar anjum Bara pta hai ap ko. Meanwhile, Shobha calls up Gayatri. Yash decides to call up Aarti and clear out his intentions behind getting married to her but he changes his mind as it 11 too late at night. I ddnt follow d drama regularly but was well aware of the story flow and it ended perfectly, giving the message to both men that don’t go for second marriage of u cang balance and to women that have peace with your spisode if he goes for a second marriage as far as your rights are being given.


Bilal Sghir – Mansmahlekch. Cheb Bello – Sayi Fo9na Bihom. Dear Viewer, Thanks for your concern dosir the program, team web is working on it.

Pankaj requests his father to talk to Yash about it. She warns Mansi not to create misunderstandings between Aarti and Yash. Pratik’s aunt overhears his conversation and gets furious.

Gayatri is relieved as Yash has agreed to change Aarti’s name to Arpita. Gayatri receives the call and does not realize that the call is connected.

Yash is worried that Aarti must have misunderstood him wpisode he had called her to meet him at Caf Delight, which was a pick-up joint.

Before their marriage, Prashant had vowed to take care of Aarti and also to be with her throughout the life. An excited Ansh naively asks Shobha what was his father’s name. Aarti is puzzled on learning that Shobha and Satyendra had called Raghu to meet her. The security guard eventually allows the trio to enter, when Paridi informs him that she was Pratik’s prospective wife. Majeed Bhati nice video. Happy to see the rapid respond to my comment by changing the mera sultan pic, thank you geo kahani team!

Darba – Majroha. Mudassar Khan kash song kay bary ma aasi soch mery Abo ki bhi ho jay. Imran Ali Imran abbbas. When Gayatri checks the ring, she begins to complain saying that the ring may not fit Aarti. The security guard, however, does not allow the trio to enter the venue. Mansi finds Aarti upset and tries epizode pacify her. Vidhi asks the couple to send Aarti’s photograph to them, if they wish to accept their proposal.


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Aarti asks Mansi to excuse her as Satyendra had to speak something important to her. Dear Ayesha, There is not any repeat for both programs. Aarti rides her scooty behind Yash’s car but is unaware about Yash. He receives a call from his client and so excuses himself.

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Mohd Talha Ansari Khuda aur mohabbat best. While the genre of second marriages has been explored numerous times before, rarely do we see an end so implausible that one mourns that precious one hour wasted every week following the drama.

drzma All in all, what i was able to realize, reading this review was that the writer either never watched a single episdoe or is some one from the “liberal wannabee europoan” clan. Aarti and Prashant were in love with each other.

Shobha introduces Ansh to Gayatri and Mr Scindia and asks him to seek their blessings. Yash’s father decides to hold Prateik and Paridhi’s wedding along with Yash and Aarti’s wedding.