I enjoy a lot of Turkish series; and like a lot of their series it never ends well. Renata October 3, at 7: To invest that many hours in just one season is one thing, but to not have a second or final season is quite another. I agree with most comments when the viewers plead for final episodes. It is owned by the Lakson Group. From the very beginning, the channel is aimed at providing the people of country with unique and exceptional entertainment. I loved this movie but very disappointed in the ending — have also noticed that these Turkish movies have only 1 season and never end the story, good or bad it must end. Thought the themes explored in the show handled really compassionately, especially that of the character Emine and her mental illness.

All of these shows, as told above, as not only unique but also provide people with the ultimate entertainment. Sinan and Mine belong to gether they are young and should have got married and had a girl. I cannot figure out why these Turkish Writers leave you with all these unanswered — cliffhanging — endings to the stories. I finished all episodes in a month. Is he really dead??? There are so many unrelsoved issues.

Jean Zanow April 29, at Karen, I agree with your analysis. She definitely needs help to think straight. Mine and Timur are cruel. The old guy who lusted after a 17 year old girl did….

Loved this wanted to see season 2 and the end of the wedding we all wait for I so fpisode all 79 shows was on pins n needles to see second season so so disappointing.

No quiero hacer esto en publico. Thats really stupid isnt it.

Saima January 14, at 2: I am at the 35th episode and they finally wrote enough dialogue script to make me not dislike Timur. Temir did a lot of bad things to keep Sinah and Mine apart but is somehow still portrayed as being a good guy.


She is an amazing model, singer, and actress of our country Javeria Saud. Virginia June 25, at 7: Synopsis Mine Gulcan Arslan is a jera and beautiful girl who has a modest life. Someone was lying in wait.

I want Sina to get married with the red hair kady with a daughter and Timur to be back with his ex peisode and Mine to be in an accident so Hasan can be with Sina.

Sinan wasgood and didN;t deserve that ending.

Meenay Mera Pyaar Episode 14 On Express Ent – 10th October 2013

Will never watch another one of these. I want to know if who was the lady came to their wedding??? Timur is a young and rich widow man who owns a big car store and lives happily with his year old daughter.

He stood up for what is right. Jaine August 10, at So was it his first wife that was calling Merve and Timur? At least another few to wrap up the loose ends. Lily August 25, at 4: I liked mines son; who played this role. My dau would stayed at home. Like actors, Timur, Mine, Sinan, Hasan etc. Mine is like a sly foxtrying to give Sinan a hope but then in the other hand crushed mefnay to death. After 2 years and Hasan being used to Timur I dont know how i would decide.

Mother of his daughter. I started watching Turkish tv around the same time I started listening to Dr. I hated how she went back and forth with these men and caused all this emotional upheaval for them. Sinan episore Mine belong to gether they are young and should have got married and had a girl.

In this story, you will explore a romance, family relations, hope, anger, conflict and betrayal at the same time. As for Timur leaving before the wedding, that was just some distraction to create mystery.


Netflix did not share the whole series. I did not like the controlling character that Ayten so clearly called out as controlling.

The Girl I Loved (Bir Cocuk Sevdim)

Shari Goodman March 4, at I almost found the father Turan comical with his long suffering feeling sorry for himself and the same with the mother.

Really good series though, with phenomenal acting. I am so sad because its literally the worst ending that could possibly happen.

We all like a good ending. His is not love but an obsession he has for this girl from the first time he laid eyes on her. There is a ton of suffering on his side. The Middle East and to a degree Turkey are full of rich middle aged men marrying young girls, my own best primary school poor beautiful stunning girlfriend was married off to a 27 years old rich man back few decades ago, we met twenty years later I was travelling the world she looked like an old woman and she told me on the night of the wedding she hid under meraa bed.

Why do these Russian series always have people reappear at such an exciting happening. Special transmissions Express Entertainment: Seems like it only you and me who saw that bit! Lorraine December 16, at He gave up everything and still ended up with nothing and the evil perv done everything nasty and wrong still wins. Ddama favori te character was Surreya.