Ian makes a big decision about his family’s future. Bex finds herself in a desperate situation. Bex gives Sonia a reality check. Jack is forced to think about his situation. One resident is faced with a tough decision. Similar Content Browse content similar to EastEnders.

A torn Kyle makes a big decision about his future. Ian is stunned to learn of Lauren’s actions. Bex reels from recent events. Tanya counsels a struggling Janine. Michelle gets an unexpected visitor. Abi learns a shocking truth.

Aidan clashes with Phil. Bex reels from recent events. Shirley Carter Steve McFadden Billy gets some worrying news. Whitney grows even more suspicious of Tiffany’s behaviour. Pam opens up to Claudette. But who will she choose?

Ian is stunned to learn of Lauren’s actions. Denise receives a suspicious visitor. Bex remains in turmoil.

Kim fears the worst about Vincent. Denise reels from Masood’s actions.

Jack offers a lifeline to a friend. Lauren opens up to a familiar face about what’s going on. Kathy lets her anger be known. Mel finds herself in a tricky position.


Disaster strikes for Billy and Honey. Kush attempts to help Martin, but will all go to plan? Browse content 454 to EastEnders.

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Whitney comes up with an idea. Donna comes to a decision. Ian is left fuming. Peter Beale Rudolph Walker Can she explain herself? Max worries about Steven’s latest act. Belinda has her eyes set on a new business venture.

Episode #1.4754

Dot receives some upsetting news. Ava Hartman Khali Best Lauren is excited for her new challenge. Stacey learns a worrying truth about Martin.

Belinda opens up to Stacey. Billy swallows his pride. Jay struggles with recent news.

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Patrick sees another side to Claudette. Max is forced to give Jack a reality check. Dexter Hartman Lorna Fitzgerald Linda fears for what lies ahead. Start your free trial. The Mitchells struggle with recent events. Patrick gives Denise a touching gift.


Martin is forced to come clean to Stacey. Louise is left mortified by recent events. Ian receives some frustrating news.