Also, I would really appreciate if you guys could post some episodes. When Sasame drugs Naruto, Sakura and Jiraiya, she prepares to let them be given to Orochimaru in order for her to be led to Arashi. Both remembering their time as teammates, Sasuke enlightens Naruto that they are in the “Final Valley” and mentions the irony of it as a fitting place to settle things between them once and for all. Atomic Dismantling Jutsu to which the previous Tsuchikage responds in kind, the effects of which leaves a giant crater in the middle of the battlefield. Realising the rationale behind Shikamaru’s indirect and aggravating attacks, on the other side of the barrier Naruto creates an enormous Rasen-Shruiken and successfully destroys the barrier, freeing his comrade’s souls which return to their bodies while defeating the Sound Four. Sakura gives them all medicine Tsunade had given her, and they seek shelter in a cave.

But Naruto, having known the pain of not having a family, explains that he considers Sasuke as a brother. Aug 24, Reputation: When at the Seventh Front, Omoi only found Kirigakure-nin corpses and countless White Zetsu clones, Naruto’s clone appears in time to help him against that many opponents, but an oversight of Omoi makes Naruto’s clone disappear and he gets all alone again against multiple enemies. Somewhere in the forest near the battlefield, the Fifth Division led by Mifune is confronted by the reanimated Kimimaro and Chiyo. Gaara attacks him with his sand burial technique, but Kimimaro survives by hardening a layer of bone under his skin. Jun 30, Reputation: Shocked to hear the truth of his mother’s love for him and what Yashamaru had been forced to lie to Gaara and say, the young Kazekage breaks down crying. Archived from the original on July 13,

The Byakugan’s Blind Spot” Transcription: They are confronted by two nearby Konoha ninja, Raido Namiashi and Genma Shiranui, but eventually defeat them thanks to their cursed seals.

Who was the Episode MVP? He states that ” Sasuke is already dead, and you two can meet with him in the afterlife. This allowed them to build up a resistance against their venom. Kimimaro remembers how he grew up in a cage because of his kekkei genkai, and the battle that killed all of his clan.

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Torune is leading the reincarnated fugitive team that took vantage from Heiji’s Swirling Smoke Jutsu to escape the Shinobi Alliance. Lee, wanting to assist Gaara in his fight, attacks Kimimqro, but his body’s too weak and Gaara tells him he’s only getting in the way. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He then starts to wonder if he is only to replace his brother.


Believing himself to have found Neji’s weakness, Kidomaru prepares to finish the battle. Kiba finds Akamaru, and the two flee down river, hoping to escape the brothers. The Second Mizukage shoots Onoki with a water gun jutsu developed by the Hozuki clan.

Temari and a few other tessenjutsu users attack the Third with the Wind Kiimmaro Cast Net technique which appears to have finally incapacitated the Raikage, but as shinobi from the Sealing Team move in to bind him, they are sent reeling. Yota covers himself in snow, causes lightning to strike him, leaving Naruto and the others shocked. Naruto too begins his battle, creating a great deal of shadow clones with which to attack Kimimaro, though Kimimaro is able to defeat the clones by the dozens.

After activating Stage 2 of his Cursed Mark, Sasuke transforms into a winged equal to Naruto in power. Seeing the sand manifest in the form of his late wife after protecting Gaara from one of his attacks, the former Kazekage vss that Karura had been protecting Gaara his whole life.

As the demon fox-form continues its ravaging onslaught, Sasuke is put on the defensive, forcing him to advance his Cursed Mark powers to its final level to compensate.

Naruto agrees, noting that Gaara of the Sand probably had the strongest shield. Season 1 Episode Determined to bring Sasuke back to his senses and to Konoha, Naruto grabs hold of him and starts to punch him.

Fpisode must only upload images which you have created yourself or episoode you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Anyway on this site you have a link list of nearly all the fights from the anime, it’s really something amazing! Gozen Jiai ” Japanese: Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Kaguya Clan Member voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: As his body deconstructed, Fukai ordered B to end the war.


Unable to send higher ranking ninja after Sasuke, Tsunade orders Shikamaru Nara to assemble a team of genin under his lead to go after Sasuke.

That’s a great idea.

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Naruto Shippuden subbed stream. With Temari’s arrival, Tayuya escapes to the surrounding trees kinimaro cover, though Temari’s fan cuts through the forest, eliminating Tayuya with ease. One of Naruto’s clones appears and saves Shino from falling into Torune’s kinjutsu.

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All the fights. Episode list

Believing it to be the work agara Shukaku, the Fourth Kazekage quickly stops the sand using his Gold Dust, causing the Third Raikage to acknowledge him as a Magnet Release kekkei genkai wielder. Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya end up in a town that kijimaro worse than the one out of which they were chased. Using the first step of training for the Rasengan, Naruto creates a huge whirlpool that saves them. Fugaku Uchiha always favored Itachi best. Gaara voice Toshiyuki Morikawa Ukon separates from Kiba and rejoins with Sakon so that he can recover.

Although appeared defeated, Kabuto traps him in some chakra threads immune to normal epksode that connect their hearts; if Kabuto’s heart stops, so will Naruto’s. Aug 8, Reputation: The theme musics for the Japanese version include two openings and four endings. Elsewhere, within the barrier erected by the Sound Four, the Konoha shinobi battle it out once again for their lives.

They send Sasame back to the village because of the danger level.

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Naruto and Bee then arrive just to save Musai and Nonata from a reincarnated Toroi, who is promptly sealed. Soredemo ore wa shinjiteru ” Japanese: Contributors Become a contributor. Sakura tries to stop him, but fails kiminaro Sasuke vanishes before she can persuade him more and he knocks Sakura unconscious after saying “Thank You”.

Seeing Chiyo’s shock as she realized she had not overcome the guilt, Kankuro reveals that Sasori entrusted the Gasra and Father puppets to him for future generations.