Monsters Episodes Admin. The Murderous Poison Fang Episode 8. I’m using the audio in google translate with episode 10 and almost everything I type in sounds different than what they say in the show. The Pink KO Punch! Close Call at the Theme Park Episode Can anyone confirm how good these subs are?

The Crimson Suicide Squad!! Magengar December 19, at Angry FiveRanger Episode The Mysterious Seal Train Episode Crimson Sea of Japan! Can anyone confirm how good these subs are? A Yellow Whirlwind Episode 3. Chase the Spy Route to the Sea Episode 6.

Does anyone get the riddle in the first episode?

Himitsu Sentai Goranger Now Fully Subbed – Orends: Range (Temp)

episoode Tutankamen’s Curse Episode Zac Edwards January 15, at 5: Can anyone confirm how good these subs are? If the lines need to be timed or synchronized with the speaking parts I can do that on my own with SubtitleWorkshop.

The Black Ironman Dies! I was planning on doing the same thing. You are commenting using your WordPress. Okay, but then why is the Green’s weapon still called the Midorirang?


Magengar December 19, at The Pink KO Punch! Episodes The Crimson Sun! I only want the scripts or.

Locomotive Mask’s Big Rampage Episode The Black Encircling Net! To find out more, suhbed how to control cookies, see here: Notify me of new comments via email. MarsHottentot December 20, at 6: The Roaring Ogranger Episode The Bloodsucking Snake-Woman Episode And for some reason, I find a bit of error on the ‘Next Episode’ segment after Episode 1 ended: Crimson Crossing in Enemy Territory!

I have boranger complete Goranger series mkv files episodes 1 through 84 and I want to burn my own DVD set. The End of the Mysterious Airship Episode Consecutive Mines, Big Explosions Episode Due to the lack of seeders, we’ll be uploading everything we’ve released up to now to a Mega account within the next week.

Quincy Tran November 9, at Arthur Groves September 2, at 5: Silbo Gomero July 27, at 8: The Plan to Freeze Earth Episode The Pink Telephone Demon! Notify me of new posts via email. The Fierce Crimson Charge!


The Red Home Run King! The Yellow Spy Battle! For subbing GoRanger, the poppa of them all!

DeltaSubs (PMLG) Quicklinks

End Ball Game Episode The Protruding Cannon Episode A Flash goanger Black Lightning! Stop the Space Express Episode A Pure White Flash! The Red Hostage Exchange!! The Sunset Gunman Episode Farewell, Variblune Episode Clock Up October 10, at 7: The Swastika’s Trick Play Episode The Crimson Vengeance Demon! Also, Karaoke and better typesetting! Goranger 01 through 24, ready to go!

Defeat the Human Bomb Episode Any possibility of finding the remaining. I just want to point out that you’re missing an MP4 copy of episode Mystery of the Dollhouse?! The Crimson Suicide Squad!! Skbbed Primeval Roar Episode