However, the night before the procedure, masked men break into her home and take her family hostage. I am worried whenever ‘Prisoners of War’ is remade”. Retrieved 10 June Yussuf is displeased with Ismail’s new bond with Abdullah; Talia and Dr. And They Return to Egypt'” [46]. After flashbacks to events at a school in Metula in , and to the period shortly after Nimrod and Uri’s release, the second season rejoins the story a few days after the events at the end of the first season. Season 2, Episode 10 March 7, Retrieved 30 October

Towards the end, on the radio in Yael’s living room. Retrieved 19 March Add Image S2, Ep8. A Star Is Born 7. Season 2, Episode 14 September 18, Episode 2 – at the start, during Nimrod’s early morning run.

Arte Magazine in French The series explores the reintegration of Nimrod and Uri into a society which has made them national icons, and into an interrupted family life, while working through the trauma of having been held captive and tortured. The second season 14 episodes aired in Israel from 15 October to 25 December Nimrode struggles with his new life.

Haim tries to extract more details on Operation Judas from Ze’ev, and together they work on cracking the code that Atar and Jamal used to communicate with each other. Following on from the success of Hatufim in Israel, and the worldwide success of HomelandKeshet has sold the original series in Hebrew with subtitles in a number of territories internationally, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, the United States and several European countries.

Season 2, Episode 10 March 7, Cohen lived in Damascus undercover during the s, spying for Israel. Jamal’s death coincides with the release of a terrorist, making waves in the Children of the Jihad organization. Season 2, Episode 14 September 18, It also depicts Amiel for the first time as a living character – rather than in the visions experienced by Amiel’s younger sister, Yael – and follows his new life as Yusuf, a Muslim, in Syria.


Ynon embarks upon Operation Judas. In fact, an American adaptation of the show came out three weeks before the original Israeli show premiered. In Decemberthree months before Hatufim premiered in Israel, it was reported that the rights to develop an American version of the series had been sold to 20th Century Fox Television.

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Yinon puts his special training to use for Operation Judas. Add Image S2, Ep1. Retrieved 21 October Archived from the original on 21 April When life begins again. Sheik Qassab pays Leila a visit and questions her while Amiel returns home. Married at First Sight. Retrieved 20 February Ostrovsky go out on a date, much to Dana’s chagrin. See also TV Schedule. Retrieved 17 June Awards and nominations Prisoners of War Rodina P.

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Alongside this, the series continues to follow Nimrod and Uri and the soldiers’ families as they pick up the pieces of their lives post-release. Retrieved 25 October The series was devised by Assi Azar and produced by Keshet International — the same Israeli company behind global hit, Homeland and is available to view on Amazon Prime.


The soldier’s kidnapping affects everybody.

Retrieved 22 February Initially disagreeing on what haturim do with their discovery that Amiel may still be alive, Nimrod and Uri take the information to Haim and Iris, who start to pursue their own unofficial investigation into what happened to Amiel – with unanticipated consequences. Yusuf has trouble dealing with his past. All hands to the pump!

Ten of the best Israeli shows to watch on Netflix and Amazon!

The programme was acquired by 20th Century Fox Television before it aired in Israel, and was adapted into the seven seasons and 84 episodes as of April of the acclaimed series Homeland for Showtime in the United States.

Season 2, Episode 13 September 11, Season 2, Episode 1 June 19, When a military psychiatrist finds discrepancies in their stories, an investigation is launched to discover what they are hiding.

Created by Uri Levron, Daniel Syrkin and Izhar Harlev, Mossad — known originally as Hamidrasha — revolves around a group of Israeli agents training to work for an elite intelligence unit. Season 2, Episode 2 October 31, Retrieved 4 April Add to Watchlist Added. Retrieved 2 March Saoson Image S2, Ep6.

Amiel returns home to Israel, and wants his wife and Sammy to come with him.