We test every six months, and the lab has been empty for about five years. Because yes Tim these people are idiots and what the hell I wouldn’t mind if everyone dies and she walks out and hops on a helicopter at the end. See I disagree quite a bit about Julia and Sarah.. The worst thing about this episode was that I saw it last week on syfy. One more thing – did you ever watch L O S T?

I’ll keep watching the show on an episode by episode basis for the moment Maybe it was because less love triangle and more who is doing what to who and why. Hatake said “Progress”, mmmm? How dare the little bitch play the ethics card on Julia when she’s walking arounf and obviously has something wrong with her. Maybe less talk about The Sex and more about the current circumstances. For me, it got boring in Season 2. I want those brain cells back so they can die properly watching some other show that actually sucks in a good way. Sarah is annoying, but Julia should know better.

Well didn’t really like the first 2 episodes and commented as such, but watched this one last week and something seemed to clicked much more with me Topic is a specific subject of discussion.

Or maybe the are going the 24 route where it’s not continuous, they have the same characters but a totally new outbreak plot every year. Check my site out, download grimm s03e19, download the following s02e16, download helix s01e14, ncis los angeles s05e22 watch online, chicago pd s01e13 watch online, watch online ride along, the secret life of walter mitty download.

Season 1 Episode 3

Hatake probs my favorite character for creepiness continued to be awfully coy about what was actually going on in the labs, s01e003 he better start talking or this will get even older than it already is.


The point is she eventually did confess and I doubt sarah would ever do the same. Group Members Writing Forum. Obviously Balleseros is here for bad reasons he blew up the satellite link that big jerkpossibly to see that this virus does escape, but Doreen should at least tell Alan what she knows.

That’s pretty bad too.

I just figured she was channeling California trailer trash. Not bad, but not great. They didn’t want me analyzing the samples.

Sci-fi horror is pretty difficult to pull off in a weekly show, but I think they do a pretty good job, there were a few moments this week that had my pulse quickening a little. We test every six ohline, and the lab has been empty for about five years.

English subtitles for TV show Helix – S01E03

I want those brain cells back so they can die properly watching some other show that actually sucks in a good way. Her accent is like an awful exaggeration you’d do in a drama-improv class in some lame community theatre.

Oh and I don’t know if you’ve seen the S3 Sherlock premiere but without spoiling it a guy speaks Serbian in it and its just awful.

I understand it might be a bit on the slow-side for some folks, but it’s what I expect from a storyline like this, so I’m willing to go slow. They were all taken within the same time s01d03, why were some still glowing and the others weren’t?

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I cannot drum up enough interest to keep watching. Watcj must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

But you’re right, that accent is soooo awful, I can’t! I threw you a shout out on the io9 article about Helix, Mirela.

Yeah the Rick and Shane stand off was pretty damn satisfying. Drop image files here or click to upload. Julia didn’t tell anyone about her lil onlije rendezvous or mouth raping whatever u want to call it til she was absolutely certain she had the virus.


Stylize it all you want, it’s still not going to make this love triangle garbage any easier to swallow. Julia does it too but Julia has more of a face ehlix it.

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At least, with Sharknado they were doing it on purpose. My guess is that this is all Alien and Hatake is older than he appears and Julia onilne somehow related to him and is the end game for the virus.

And naturally, confining a bunch of maybe-sick people within a small space does wonders for group morale. In fact it’s one of the biggest problems I have with the show.

It’s not that my opinion matters it’s just that it seems to me helic most of you want to get to the juicy bits quicker. Check my site out, watch online only lovers left alive, ncis los angeles s05e22 download, download the walking dead s04e16, watch online once upon a time s03e21, download i frankenstein, download ender s game, csi s14e21.

The Pam connection only makes this more true, by the way, not less. She should have been upfront about her onine immediately. Julia is such a great character.