I have built and put it into the air several times. Maximum Continuous Power S: It is probably not too far away in quality as the next competitive computer company but the perception is that Apple has a higher quality therefore they will charge more. Even if 10 different ESCcome out of the same factory, that does not mean they are the same, or even similar. I sometimes strap two 3 cell mAh battery together and run in parallel to achieve a flight in excess of 25 minutes normal flight. I have just reconfigured my quadcopter with new motors and ESC’s. Uneasy is the head that wears the crown.

Almost time to hit the tequila!!! There is no room for negotiation on the specs. This is my turnigy hal from hobbyking. Turnigy 9 x 4. Can be flown with much heavier packs also. Dual Hyperion 45c 6s mAh Lipo 10,mAh total.

A properly balanced tractor prop is very quiet, not like many pusher flying wings. I will list the specs bellow.

I ended up redoing the settings later that night. This page describes the set up of a Basic QuadCopter and is intended to give you a foundation on the practice of building a simple and cost effective frame. DJI F clone lenghtened by 4cm each. I am not saying the statement you quote is wrong but if that is the depth of your research hobbykinf Iquestion everything in your posts. How can we be certain that the list of brands given above, are each made in the same factory?

Nano-Tech A-Spec 3s mah. Flight time 12 minutes, end flight lipo cells es 3.


Actual codes for Speed Controllers (ESC) in Russia (RU Warehouse)

The model is perfect for all gopro cameras also you can upgrate the set with landing pad and gimbals or fatshark FPV systems just let me know what would you like to add hobbykong your order.

Tonight, Im fittin to get loose The arms supplied in the kit are 2 different colours, 2 red and 2 white to allow for improved visual orientation in flight. Turnigy Multistar 45 Amp Multi-rotor. I bobbyking care about the features, function, reliability and overall quality of the products I receive. Here you find the parts used in the Quadcopter v2.

Hobbyking SS Series 40-50A ESC

Find More Posts by guver. Turnigy 2mm Heat Shrink Tube.

Turnigy 9 x 4. Turnigy Battery pack 3s lipo.

I used the DT motors, 10×4. Compatible Brand see all Compatible Brand. Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro 2.

Show only see all Sss only. The overall frame design of the F Flame Wheel frame provides enough space when assembled to fit the GPS Naza Flight Control systems between the top and bottom plates of the Flame Wheel while still allowing enough additional space to add a video transmitter or other systems to the frame for FPV use. Colour see all Colour.

Kit List – All standard no mods. GAUI xs Optional landing gear. FF free flight ” white board “. This multicopter motor is from their MT series, which is specially developed for multirotors.

That vid will be up soon. Most of the stuff is from Hobbyking except for the frame which is from goodluckbuy. The charger is supplied with the matching balance ports for the LiPo battery in this kit, there is a port for an optional temperature sensor to monitor the battery while on charge.


HobbyKing Quadcopter Frame V1 – http: Turnigy Battery Strap x 1 You will need Y-3,4Quad,6Hexacopter8Octocopterarms, but you should get some spares if you want.

Walt Perko’s -anizm

Custom made board with 40A fuses. If you found this guide useful, please don’t forget hobybking leave a like rating so it can be more popular and reach others who want to learn to build a tricopter too. The Electrifly ESC’s lookdifferent from any other ESC’s -they have what appears to be 2 different length capacitors on the battery input side -most ESCs have 2 identical capacitors on this side http: Nylon Clevis M2 L23 10sets.

Aluminum box for batteries with sponge insert. Turnigy Plush 30a Props: Hobbyling starter Rcjim11 Start date Nov 25, Here is the list of everything used: It can be applied for entertainment, aerial photography, FPV and other aeromodelling activities. View this GoPro 3 Slowmo testvid: Maximum Continuous Aeries S: