You could poke him in the eye, and he’d fly across the ring by 15 feet, holler as if Longshanks ripped his intestines out and boiled it in hot water, and then fucked his daughter. Punk could be revolutionary in the way that Steve Austin was, but WWE politics and partly the business model won’t let someone like Punk go over. It’s behavior that cowardly socializers engage in. Must have given him an offer he couldn’t refuse. The only great match he had in WCW was when he worked with Chris Benoit at Kemper Arena where Owen Hart died as a tribute to his brother who had died five months earlier. When Rocky took over it was pretty good, because he was so loathed. So does Rey Mysterio. THIS is real wrasslin’!:

Even my girlfriend knows better and understands the concept intuitively that a wrestler’s job is to masturbate the emotions of the audience. Since individual actors are involved and are related to profit-motive which is correlated with an artistic ability to work at match , then analyzing a great worker’s style, e. I will post info as I receive it. Not only did Vince McMahon filter his moronic ideas that only a postmodernist could do, but the WWF was already heading toward that Attitude Era direction well before Vince Russo ever hit the books. To my surprise the show’s gotten even worse than the last time I sat through an entire episode, which was back whenever Bischoff came in the first time. You could poke him in the eye, and he’d fly across the ring by 15 feet, holler as if Longshanks ripped his intestines out and boiled it in hot water, and then fucked his daughter. And Hart was pinned 90 seconds later. The fact is the WWE makes money by many different revenue streams, which allows for the company to always make a profit no matter how poorly the actual wrestling business can be.

I don’t get the fascination with CM Punk. I really loved pro wrestling But the WWF can still draw because they can balance that domestic buy withinternational buys. None of them are ‘men. And being a company guy. Your post will be reported since this is tantamount to flaming.

See, this is where the screwjob really starts, as does the Attitude Era. Can’t find anything of it on youtube though. Cena is a wigger who wears “Rise Above Hate” T-shirts while being promoted as the ultimate babyface.


This was not the best of weeks for WWE, and the question becomes what will be the reaction over the next few weeks. But when fans have had to be subjected to a really bad match, fans would get upset and even chant “fake” for having been subjected to such nonsense.

After being diagnosed with cancer he became an inspiration to many by successfully battling the disease for a number of years. Would have made it waaaay better. And it would be Hart’s last great match. So given these two bipolar hlolywood, your character and intellect has been condemned nonetheless. Basically, all the stars then are gone.

I may explain the mechanics of that curve when more time permits, but it’s essentially the graphical and statistical representation of excellence being overrepresented in terms of excellency – in other words, there is a clear dividing line between what’s great and greater than great. They really made it seem like they hated each other. Where Raw is getting hurt the worst in its recent decline is among teenagers, ironically, the audience that is probably saving their house show business.

I’m not a Cena fan and think he’s a boring character and promo.

This is a wrestling thread isn’t it??? I hate to say it but it’s all down hill from here. Those ugly fat guys are one of the things missing in wrestling today, and Gollywood is exactly the type of character that the business needs very badly in this era of clones. Wrestling during the territorial times was different and weird in its own way. The past territorial promoters never thought in that sense: I think they hit a real low with Kane having sex with a corpse.

Hart kicked Michaels’ head, and Michaels pretended he was knocked out that was planned.

They all practically look the same, they have the same type of shitty entrance music, that whiny college boy shit that has no fucking place in even the fake fight game, everything seems so forced and crowds react accordingly Bret always heighgs the idea of pretending it’s real is silly, and the real art of wrestling is telling a story.


I’d kill to attend a wrestling event in that era.

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Chicago this past Sunday was the exception, apparently. Nailz wasn’t the first wrestler to use Vince as a punching bag. Rob Van Dam vs. I always liked 222 Hart’s theme the best. They were trying to avoid regulation by state athletic commissions. Michaels did not submit, so the match was declared a draw. It’s manipulated but not scripted.

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And though the Undertaker really didn’t have a good match in the WWF from until maybethis does show he tvfraxx always capable and debunks the notion that he sucked until the late 90s. Michaels was the babyface, Hart was the heel, and the Undertaker was the face world champion.

Consequently, he hired Hulk Hogan in February of after Hogan’s retirement tour in Wrestling in the late 80s and early 90s was awesome-o. Look at that Razor Ramon. Vince always had a tight grip on his roster, even on Hulk Hogan, but somehow he never did with the Kliq.

Vince and Shane McMahon. Never once did I see that kill a match or a show. Personally, Eoisode like performers.

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But Austin and Hart had a storyline that was quite real in the sense of two characters hating each other. I suppose I just grew out of it, although I have alot of good memories of it, too.

In the early years, Luger was a wrestler who could have a good jollywood against a good opponent and was usually motivated enough to do just that.

I have mixed feelings about Triple H now. Perfect in his prime than the Dynamite Kid because that guy could go. He has told a number of close friends it would be his last match. Second, the announcers are god awful. Look at Razor Ramon.