Perhaps after her exit we can convene again and discuss whether it was what we wished for, or not, whether it could have been better, and how so…. Dates varied in different countries. Hi, Can i share Friday Night Conversation: Unable to communicate with iono. To, me things already careened off track when Maca I know, pregnant actresses, pregnancy leaves… disappeared with Baby Pedro and basically left Esther to herself. Any future grad school students among us? For as Alice Pieszecki said “Our planet is

I know that many people saw chemistry between Vero and Maca. Please read the disclaimer for additional information. If they had simply made her a resident, or a recurring patient, it might have worked better again, in my opinion. I will always thank them for that, at the risk of looking too silly and naive on this point. Well, just tell them that if t Since then, the stability of the women’s lives and family has been challenged again and again, and season 17 ended with their worlds about to crumble, but for Maca and Esther, there was always the hope that love will survive, and it has.

I will never will. They raised a family together origin of some of those three children aside. Also season 17 after the hostage taking incident at the jewelry store when they both realize that they are meant to be together. PS — Anik, I love those clips from subtitls when it all started!!!!

Foreign Affairs: No Scrubs

Too bad this couple goes out with a whimper instead of a bang, but after a year of waiting for the series to conclude, it is all kind of anti-climactic. A big hug to you Selma Like Like. I wonder what you cwntral would make of it. Knowing more to Laurel Holloman Hi, Can i share Friday Night Conversation: Email Address never made public.


Too sad the way we audience are treated, manipulated. Aahh… Just cant understand Spanish… I tried on link you kaca but its so very difficult to understand Spanish… need to learn basic Spanish asap… Meanwhile can you please send me link of their life after wedding… specially their how Maca took a flight and went hospitl Honeymoon and return, till they join work, pls pls pls… I cental be waiting… pls. I just watched the Maca-Vero affair as it was presented. I kept on watching HC and Maca and Esther just for the sake of … chatting and discussing with my spanish friends and… cursing the dammed writers and wubtitles After being absent for a whileand having right now my lunch in a pleasant restaurantI decided to post something.

It had at least one bisexual character Esther and two lesbian characters Macarena and Veronicaall departed way before the show ended, yet all three were part of the show for quite some time.


Just one request where can i watch from season 8 to the last season when Maca leaves please with english subs. Welcome to LesPlanet LesPlanet born with the intention of being a blog for all, and that each of us, if you want to contribute their grain of sand, their views, comments, expressing their doubts, frustrations, feelings, thoughts, as well as send newsarticles, events, etc. Perhaps after her exit we can convene again and discuss whether it was what we wished for, or not, whether it could have been better, and how so….

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Perhaps the most striking difference between L Word and a couple like Maca and Esther on Hospital Central is as to how viewers can relate to characters — while West Hollywood high-exec lesbians apparently really look like the characters on the L Word do, many people seem to have difficulties to connect to the glamor and the level of drama portrayed there.


Friday Night Conversation: Maca & Esther – the end of an era

The audience is not the lonely loser. Maca and Esther characters meant [and still do mean! But there is, indeed, the need of and end. I would like to know that Like Like.

Maca will be around for two more episodes her exit may leave us with the proverbial spoonful of sugar at least, which the girls over at the FBFC subtitlea generously sharing with us — spoiler alert! Respect is very nice, and I like it!!

Username Password Remember Me Have fun! Kate Centfal part 2. The tables have turned. Basically my favourite moments were the lead up to their relationship and of course the elevator scene. There are enough shows and movies for that.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Esther always identified as a heterosexual, but guess what? Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Thank you very much dear friends and readers for your contributions and especially for being provided with Englieh. That couch scene is my favourite one ever.

Now they are one of the strongest couples in the series, and despite having to face more challenges this season including problems with the family of one of themit appears that the wedding will take place.