Rukmini Potenor 1 mes. Gangu Biradar 4 meses. Kalidasavalaba Kalidasavalaba 8 meses. Raghavulu Indian comedy films Telugu films remade in other languages. Chalaki Mogudu Chadastapu Pellam Kinnaresh Moka 2 meses. So, Anand leaves the house in search of the job.

Anil Anil 10 meses. Iddaru Pellala Muddula Police English: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Krishna M 6 meses. Vivek Gati 7 meses. Music composed by J. In the meantime, Satya enters his neighbor’s, she fell in love with Kishtaiah and he also was attracted to her.

Sushh Poojary 4 meses. Ningegowda k preethi N 8 meses. Vivek Gati 7 meses. Soon, Anand must juggle between Kishtaiah’s two wives, while Kishtaiah also comes back, both of them decide to manage until Anand gets married to Lalitha. Yemma Nan Sippayie 2. Anil Anil 10 meses.

Narayan Gowda 2 meses. Edurinti Mogudu Pakkinti Pellam In the meantime, Satya enters his neighbor’s, she fell in love with Kishtaiah and he also was attracted to her. Retrieved from ” https: Music composed by J. Jimpakku Jimpakku Maava Singers: Tags ibbaru hendira muddina police mudina movie ibbaru hendira muddina police kannada full movie ibbaru hendira muddina police kannada movie songs shashi kumar kannada movies shashi kumar kannada comedy movie shashi kumar kannada comedy shashi kumar kannada full movie shashi kumar kannada actor movies list kannada shashi kumar all films shashi kumar kannada movies full shashi kumar old mudcina movies kannada shashi kumar mp3 songs.


Music released on Lahari Music Company. Suniln Diamond 2 meses.

Kalidasavalaba Kalidasavalaba 8 meses. Chalaki Mogudu Chadastapu Pellam Bhama Sathyabhama Kala Samrat S.

Ibbaru Hendira Muddina Police

Films directed by Relangi Narasimha Rao. One day they had sexual intercourse, then Satya begged Rukku to help her and Satya get married to Kishtaiah.

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Ibbaru Hendira Muddina Police Kannada Full HD Movie|FEAT. Shashi Kumar, Thara | Music Jinni

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Actually, in the past, Kishtaiah got married to Rukku who thought that he was a Sub-Inspector of police, after realizing his real job, she left him alone and went back to her nucleus house. However, his two wives hate each other and Kishtaiah is suffering like a football fill them.


Charming Police of Two wives is a Telugu comedy filmproduced by S. SP BaluPolicS. Mellage Nee Bandu 5. Anand takes his identity and becomes a police constable.

Nange ibbra henditina madikondirornoo Andre Nange ista illla I love goddess ram Anand again Rajendra Prasad a look-alike of Kishtaiah, is in love with his maternal uncle’s daughter Lalitha Anusha ful, his uncle Madhavaiah Mallikarjuna Rao decides not to give his daughter to Anand until he gets a job. Kinnaresh Moka 2 meses.

The film was recorded as a Super Hit at the box office. Hussain Sab 2 meses.