Quynh David April 21, at 9: Eun Gi said her apology. Song Joong Ki Main Cast. Wee bill January 16, at 8: Eun Gi said she slept so well that she had a long dream. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Guada October 25, – 3: Eun Gi was home with Ma Ru, but still felt frustrated.

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! They stayed like that until the day turned to dark. She got some scratches from the glasses she broke. The next day Eun Gi was giving up of going back to the company, but Ma Ru lifting up her confidence and spirit very seriously. Korean Dramas are so close to reality and i love to watch such romantic dramas and Thanks for uploading on Youtube. Ma Ru asked the same thing. Ma Ru treated her hand. Lee Kwang Soo Main Cast.

Jae Hee was holding a meeting when suddenly she got a message that made her turned nervous. Huynh Vu November 8, at 8: I love your blog its amazing Please check mine out and if you like it follow me back, id really appreciate the support! I came across while watching movies. But Ma Ru managed to make her leave.

In her dream, Ma Ru was there for a short time, but during that short time, Ma Ru was a different person, a bad one. Hum TV Dramas May 16, at 8: Eun Gi kind of lost her mind. Filebook December 20, at 6: We would like to share information, opinions and many things about Kdrama with people out there.


Guada October 25, – 3: Eun Gi kept throwing drinks Ma Ru offered her: Eun Gi in her bed room while Ma Ru in the bathroom.

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Choco was so shock seeing what happened to Eun Gi. Ma Ru treated her hand. Watch korean drama english subtitle http: Seo Eungi has been bred to be the heir of a major conglomerate but is devoid of warmth.

Quynh David April 21, at 9: Watch New Korean Drama Upcomingfree watch korean drama engsubKorean drama reviewsk-drama previews updated her. That man finally came to her just to tell her to go home. Choco was trying to block her from coming in by telling lie that Ma Ru and Eun Gi were not home.


Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 14 Quick Summary

She got some scratches from the glasses she broke. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Ashley Dunston September 23, at 2: Moon Chae Won Main Cast. MA Ru was just watching from afar. Maru is a college student who’s always been at the top of his class and Jaehui dreams of being an anchor that can help her mann his garbage life, so she works as an anchor at HBS broadcast station.

Do you know the real Kang Ma Ru I know? Lee Sang Yeob Main Cast. Kdramachoa is a blog owned by childhood best friends Rizz and Blossom, about liking Korean drama, music, and movie.

He innoceng have his reason for not telling Eun Gi the truth. She just walked and walked without any clear destination and Ma Ru could only silently followed her from behind.

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