Later, Anjali asks Shyam about his wedding ring. Meanwhile, Anjali asks Khushi to tie rakhi to Shyam. In order to stress her disapproval, Manorama pretends to leave the house. Later, Arnav tries to humiliate Khushi by gifting her favourite necklace to Lavanya. Payal’s wedding preparations are under way. Later, Nani, Anjali and Lavanya give farewell gifts to Khushi.

Shashi shows Shyam his driving licence and asks about the confusion over his date of birth. Bubbly attempts to burn Akash’s shirt to pick on Payal, but gets caught by Manorama. Anjali asks Khushi to train Lavanya, but she declines the offer stating Arnav’s presence as the reason. Anjali is worried as Shyam is absent from the puja. Khushi decides to resign. In the meantime, Arnav finds out that the groom is his employee, and he fires him for not defending the bride’s family.

Arnav is not happy to do a puja, despite Anjali asking him to do it. Akash tells Anjali about his feelings for Payal. Anjali leaves the decision to her.

Khushi Ke Ghar Khushkhabri – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Khushi disregards his threats and tells Anjali that Arnav had ordered her to go back to her parent’s house. Pllayer canteen owner tells Arnav that he is facing losses due to this.

Arnav has an argument with Nani and decides to leave the house. Payal tries to hide Akash from Madhumati while he is stuck to a chair. Anjali and Nani demand an explanation for their sudden wedding. While, Anjali is surprised to see Shyam worried, Arnav continues thinking about Khushi.

Khushi Aur Arnav Ka Romance !

Payal and Khushi are elated as they finish preparing the sweets for the party. Arnav warns Shyam not to go near Khushi now as she is his wife. Nani scolds Manorama for supporting Lavanya. Shyam then apologises to her for his fraudulent ways. Payal is worried that Manorama will ill treat her after marriage. Nani gifts honeymoon tickets to the newly married couples but Arnav cancels the trip. Will her apprehensions is true?


At the Sangeet rehearsal, Anjali introduces Khushi and Payal to the choreographer hired for the ceremony. The family threaten to call off the wedding, but the groom intervenes and saves the marriage. Later, Khushi decides to take Arnav to her place for a few days.

Arnav rushes home when Manorama informs him of Anjali not keeping well. Shyam tries to apply Holi powder on Khushi but she evades him. Lavanya tells Khushi about returning to London forever. Meanwhile, Shyam plans to kill Anjali by electrocuting her. Arnav avoids her in office. Khushi tells Madhumati about meeting Arnav at the temple.

What will Madhumati do epsode

Shyam gives the papers to Khushi. Arnav is angry with Khushi for starting tuitions in Raizada house. Epizode hides inside it to get Payal into trouble. Meanwhile, Khushi reads a message on the mirror and goes to the terrace to meet Arnav.

Manorama reports this suspicious behaviour to Anjali. Madhumati is shocked on learning about the ring and asks Khushi to look for it.

Arnav and Nani decide to keep their differences aside during Anjali and Shyam’s anniversary party.

What is Khushi’s reaction to Arnav’s confession? Khushi wants to retrieve a figurine from her office desk before she leaves.

Will she find the papers? Did Shyam convince Anjali to kyq back? Khushi creates ruckus in office when she lights God’s lamp and it starts off the fire alarm and sprinklers.

Peisode is distressed when Manorama scores high points and puts the Raizada family in the lead. Unaware of the truth, Anjali introduces Shyam to Khushi.

Arnav, then, assumes that Anjali skips her lunch because she is sad about the Sangeeth being cancelled. Khushi asks him to meet Arnav at the airport before he leaves for London.


Arnav stops Shyam when he is about to put colour on Khushi. Shyam tries to hide away from the Raizada family.

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Akash reassures her that he will always be her son. Nani gives a grand red saree and the family bridal necklace to Payal. Meanwhile, Manorama explains the significance of Ashtami pooja to Lavanya and Nani gives her the responsibilities of the gifts.

Meanwhile, Khushi keeps irritating Arnav kl force him to send her home. Bubbly attempts to burn Akash’s shirt to pick on Payal, but gets caught by Manorama. Khushi agrees and the ceremony proceeds smoothly. Khushi however, dresses up Lavanya like a bride to impress Arnav.

Nani threatens to break all ties with the Raizada family and forces Manorama to accept Payal as her daughter-in-law. Khushi is touched when Buaji gives her jalebis for the journey, but an idea strikes her and she convinces them about it.

Arnav attacks them, but accidentally hurts Khushi. Meanwhile, Arnav regrets his behaviour with Khushi and gets upset when she does not come for work. Khushi gives a great performance and is praised by all. Later, she teaches Lavanya naaam make ginger tea and snacks.