The Jews of Flamersheim and neighboring Kirchheim combined their religious services in the 18th century. Issued on October 31, Courtesy: Family Haas lived in Pillig, near Naunheim and Mertloch. Heymann Israel lived in Flamersheim in , the same time as the aforementioned Abraham Wolff. In Lazarus Ulmer lost a court case in Rheinbach which challenged the dues. Hugo Oster, a son of Meyer and Johanna Sommer Oster, who practiced medicine in Euskirchen, took special care of the poor in that city. To this end I am engaged in developing such a course- of study.

Around there were three Jewish families in Klrchheim: Besides Leopold Hirsch, they had five other and older children. Gravestone has been split in half by a tree; in Hebrew. The same thing happened in the Cologne region and those Jews who were poor did not get a permit to remain. From far end of cemetery 1. In the congregation in Kuchenheim also wanted to break away from Schweinheim ‘s and in the congregation in Kirchheim also wanted to break away. Very hard to read.

His first wife, to whom he was wed on November 2, and the mother of their five children was Johanna “Selma” Hirsch, born Wolff c.

Therefore, these words are written here as an expression of tfianks to all of you from me and from all to whom this work has, and will continue to have, special meaning. Hebrew feruch, son of David Kohen, died Children of each family are listed horizontally on the charts, in contrast with the generations, which are indicated vertically. Kenny, Community Superintendent of School District 25 Queens, has enabled me to complete this book, which is In partial fulfillment of the research requirements of the leave.

Several thousand Rhineland Jews lost their lives in the wild Judenhetze Jewish pogrom which lasted for three months. So, too, our beloved deceased was also beautiful in her character and her virtues and charm. The town saw destruction several times during the past few centuries. The earliest known information about the town of Wierschem dates from about eipsode year and has been gathered from ancient living quarters and remnants of Roman fortifications excavated in Henriette Kempenich, bom B’ar, Sept.

So, that brings us to the present and we now begin our family study in the ancient world The brothers Carl and Max Daniel possessed a episoxe cattle dealership in Kirchhelm until which delivered between five and” six oxen each week to be slaughtered in the big market In Bonn. The Polch Standesamt record keeper indicates that Isaac’s brother, Joseph born in Polch on August 3, went to Richmond on October 17, He later returned to Polch where he died inand he is buried in the cemetery in Mertloch.


The Horn and Epsode families moved to Schweinheim in Very difficult to find.

Under the Nazi edicts, Jews could no longer drive vehicles and Gentiles were not permitted to associate with Jews. In Hitler stripped Epispde Jews of their citizenship. They were the Fabers related to the Fabers of Mertloch — — and the Haas and Levy families, who were partners In a textile machinery and shoe business.

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Amir, “You are a journalist. Although he lived in Richmond inneither Isaac Hirsch nor any members of episde family were listed in that year’s census, and I checked the actual census for that city in its entirety several times. Helene; Leiner, Use: Prior to my research, the descendants of the Friesems who migrated to the United States in the s were completely unaware of the others!

To others like me who did not live in Nazi Germany, or to those who were born after World War II, the list of relatives in this book who perished under Hitler’s fanaticism will bring unforgettable grief to our hearts. I’ll Levy, Levy, Amy Dawn: Hebrew Yitzchak barYosef, died a Therese Friedsam, born Gimther, Jan. From the 9th to the 11th centuries the Jews, under the Emperor’s protection, had a relatively peaceful time.

I had not known about this first cousin and I made a mental note to talk to my mother and my aunt and uncle in Pittsburgh upon my return home from this six-week trip to Israel and Europe Markus Oster, the synagogue’s president, was the first Jew to be a member of Flamersheim’s town council The Jews lived at first in the villages and hamlets around Burg Eltz in Wierschem and Miinstermaif eld and, possibly, in Keldung and Lasserg and then in Mertloch.


None of the Jews in the villages of Stotzheim and Niederkastenholz were financially able to pay dues to the Flamersheim synagogue.

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Close behind the armies came Jewish peddlers escaping from overcrowded Rome. I75 Oster, Henriette Bloch: They were the tinsmith Bernard Meyer and his son.

The county council was not satisfied with these comments and wanted to know they reasons for rejection by the Jewish congregation. Hirsch zu longer jdhren and Renate looked forward after all their hardworking life to a well- deserved retirement, but it was decreed that this should not be so.

Herbert’s -brother, A rieh Eytan, and my cousin, Joseph Friesem, both living in Israel, began to come up with names and ran all of my “errands” there. Archbishop Heinrich granted Koblenz’s Jews protection in The cemetery was rebuilt in There were disputes between the church and the nobility over tribute to be paid, visiting rights and taxes.

Maria or Sara Kaufman very difficult to read 3. Herbert Fraser 15 Poor economic conditions of the Eifel region farmers was a situation created because of an agricultural depression and had no connection whatsoever with the Jews. A sher ben Jehiel moved to Koblenz around and. The reasons for expulsion were always financial.

This translation is pieced together from the work of more than six rabbis and scholars. Heinz Kahnhis mother-in-law, the late Mrs.

Regina Hermann, born fclf, Salomon’s grandson, Salomon Shlomo ben Yosef Herz of Schwein- heimwas also a horse dealer. In Cologne every profession except glazier was forbidden to them. For example, the elector Richard admitted two Jewish families to Liitzel-Koblenz that year and let five other Jewish families live epiode Koblenz inwhere they received a charter and civil protection, only to be ordered to leave the city familyy and the electorate in Joseph and Gudula Friesem had six children.