There was a certain forwardness to the sound in a fairly narrow frequency band. It’s politically sound — correct? The result was an award-winning speaker that has garnered praise from audiophiles and sound professionals the world over. The exceptionally firm bass provides excellent transient speed, precision and fluidity throughout the frequency range with no coloration or reverberation. In my experience, dipoles are actually rather easier to set up in the bass than are box speakers. The fact that the speaker’s response extends fairly low helps here too as the subjective aggressiveness of certain HF sounds is partially a function of overall tonal balance. But let’s be careful. Product Details Overview Danish Sound at it’s best

It’s politically sound — correct? DeVore Fidelity Gibbon X loudspeaker. The concept is well known and much explored by DIYers here in Finland for instance. Against Not exactly small, and not exactly cheap need top-quality sources and amplification. The fact that the speaker doesn’t make this crossing even a minor issue with music such as Schubert’s Die Nacht [Robert Shaw Chamber Singers, Telarc] says a lot. I do however prefer to deal with the issue of speed and dynamics in the context of the speakers’ bass performance so onward ho.

The base contains the crossover and biwire terminals. DeVore Fidelity Gibbon X loudspeaker. In fact Risto Niska, one of my audiophile colleagues, was fed up with the singing of the boxes and their phase nonlinearities so he built himself such a dipole ten years ago and has been happy ever since.

Sure, that’s a lot of money and were the R available for half its princely sum, I’d raise my hat even higher. Jamo R Reference Series As the very term suggests, the state-of-the-art is always, by definition, changing. The first room was 4.

Jamo R909 Reference Series (Ex demo – SOLD NO LONGER AVAILABLE) [525]

In terms of speaker placement, this speaker must have been one of the happiest I’ve gotten on review in a long time – or I was plain lucky! The sound is not transparent in that sense.

As a result of this, the R can sound a scale smaller than its physical size indicates. This unit is well suited for use with high-end amplifiers, although its high sensitivity of 89dB and a stable load at 4ohms means that you don’t need a lot of power to achieve good results.


Nevertheless, this characteristic proved so overwhelming in the end that although I always considered the Concert 8 one of the good guys, I started to doubt that all other speakers could get it wrong and only this little Jamo right. Anna Muffo’s singing on RCA Living Stereo’s Turandot never becomes as dramatic and heartbreaking as it perhaps could be but the orchestra is splendidly presented.

The drivers are mounted in a 43mm thick baffle seeries includes a unique multi-ply construction. Enjoy peace of mind when purchasing from Vision Living an authorised Reseller, as purchasing from an referrnce Reseller means you may miss out on:.

The fact that the speaker doesn’t make this crossing even a minor issue with music such as Schubert’s Die Nacht [Robert Shaw Chamber Singers, Telarc] says a lot. And now for the sound.

There’s one feature I’ll probably never forget, namely how the lower midrange from roughly – Hz was executed: Cabinet reshuffle For the Reference R, Jamo’s engineers have done speakef with the cabinet completely: This quality makes the sound grey ajmo color and dry in texture. I sure did perform my own tests. As I paid attention to it in both places I became confident that I wasn’t imagining it. When listening to good dipole bass, one begins to question whether one has ever really heard proper bass before.

Nevertheless, the R’s bass has a profoundly he-man character, not the gentleman’s version as some other dipoles I’ve heard espoused. Spdaker recommended Audioquest and Nordost. Consequently, dipoles are less likely to excite room modes in that plane, with a useful reduction in the influence of room acoustics on bass performance.

Recording of February But even if that were the best scenario, far less is adequate too.

Jamo R (Reference Series) – Speakers at Vision Living

This indeed refers to the single most impressive character of these speakers! The R s had sounded thin and hard.

The sound reflecting off the back wall can be controlled and the reflections tamed by trying different angles as per Jamo’s suggestions. Discrete differences in the tone color between various amps aren’t a matter of life and death with this speaker. That explains the use of serie from simple front-venting ports to complex folded transmission lines inside cabinets to extract better low-end extension.


Stereophile’s Products of zeries Dealer Event in San Diego Friday.

But the R has its price and that’s that. These things are largely a matter of taste. It’s not proper to state that dipole bass sounds great if there’s no musical counterpart to that greatness. There’s only one speaker I know that’s comparable in this regard and that is the PHY 12″ wide-bander in a large baffle.

The magnet employs several compact neodymium magnets placed around the voice coil improving, according serries Jamo, voice coil ventilation and heat dissipation. Wilson Audio Specialties Alexia Series 2 loudspeaker. The speed of the sound, good timing and great attacks e.

The exceptionally firm bass provides excellent transient speed, precision and fluidity throughout the frequency range with no coloration or reverberation. Alta Audio Hestia Titanium loudspeaker.

Jamo R 9O9 Loudspeaker

It joins in my experience a select few—the McIntosh XRT28, the DALI Megaline, my Harbeth M40 with subwooferthe Gradient Revolution with active, doubled bass units —at the outer reaches of actually reproducing the live experience of large-scale music in speaer domestic environment, including a convincing sense of the original acoustic venue.

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Thousands of audiophiles me included have probably used the Mission Impossible sound track referehce impress visitors with. The revolutionary Jamo R floor-standing dipolar loudspeaker is packed with high-performance features: What a Great Show!

The exceptionally firm, deep bass and concert-like high end dynamics put you in the middle of the soundstage. Piano music as with some Schubert’s Impromptu s recordings turned out to be a good measure of just how explosive the sound of the can be as well as how it scales dynamics. Sonus Faber Aida loudspeaker.