Learning the werewolf to be his older brother Gou, Retu confronts him, using his silver cross to identify himself. The gang at SRCTC worry for Jyan’s sake and mental wellbeing, but Jyan’s hestitation and nervous breakdown irrates Gou, who is outraged that Rio didn’t see him as his destined rival. She finds Jyan scaling a building, learning he was aiding a baby bird back to its nest with Jyan calling Ran “Howa-Howa”. Member feedback about Tetsu Inada: Kaeranai Kodomotachi ” Japanese: But Haku enlarges himself, intending to destroy “the filth”. The Gathering, Beast Origin Village!

As the Gekirangers fight Sojo, Jyan loses his concentration and runs off as the gang brought out Geki Bazooka. Beast Power Bloom” Transcription: Though defeated, Hihi enlarged himself and was soon knocked off into the nearby mountain by Geki BatFire. A list of films released in Japan in see in film. On September 2, , Toei applied for trademarks on the title to be used on various products. While this was all happening, Mere is having trouble finding the Kenma’ gravesites until it is revealed that her actual goal was not to just revive the remaining Kenma, but to replace Kata with a teacher for Rio who was more to her liking. Though Maku was bent on finishing their fight, Kata got curious of the importance behind their old training grounds and used his Ringi to probe Sharkie’s mind to learn that after the fight, the Seven Kensei created SaiDain, to hold their master’s soul. By the time the gang arrive, Long is about to deal the deathblow on Mere, when Rio takes the hit meant for her.

Retu tries his hand, but Rio uses the Flying-Ken style which Retu is unable to counter.

Natsume storms out and Miki tries to reassure her, until they are attacked by Sorisa and her Rinsis. Once there, the two find the place in ruins from a landslide, just after Dan is killed by Rio, as Jyan finds a locket with a picture of himself as a baby and the parents he never knew. However, Bae dies and everyone is saddened until Mere arrives, her Rinki revitalizing him as they leave.


Once the Gekirangers get the hang of dancing with Jyan’s Shuba-Shuba style, they take a rest and watch Natsume’s gkiranger practice. With that, Rio tells Geki Red to kill Maku and end sental masters’ war before they settle their own.

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The Gekirangers are defeated, and the Kensei introduce themselves: Views Read Edit View history. Jyan attempts to befriend him, but Gou arrives and battles Suugu to Jyan’s dismay. As for Maku, he isn’t bothered by Kata’s death, and drinks the life energy he managed to take from the Kensei to become more powerful. During this, Ran loses Jyan while changing Retu.

Dokariya then enlarges and jumps into the sea.

After Rio and Mere finally express their feelings to each other, they force their Genki out of their bodies to Long’s horror as he runs out to tell Sanyou to kill them all so they can start anew. As Rio thought, they both had become stronger than before due to being affected by the Beast Power Bloom. Rageku then forces Mere to fight Xia Fu, immobilizing the Gekirangers to ensure no interference.

Edith Nesbit’s famous children’s novel, The Phoenix and the Carpet is based on this legendary creature and its friendship with a family of children.

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As the gang pursue to free Xia Fu, Mere attempts to hold a furious Rio back. The Spirit’s Dance [ edit ]. She tells her story of how she fell in love with Bat Li when he saved her, but he did not fulfill his vow to remain by her side as he promised. Production Early on in the show’s creation, Bandai of America gekirnager given input on the show’s design.


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Jyan sensed a power what he thought to be Maku, but was actually Rio. Meanwhile, reporting his minions’ success, Long advises Rio that his rivalry with Jyan is pointless, only to be knocked down for overestminating Jyan. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 5 0. But Natsume was there episoee managed to calm Gou down back to human form.

The Three Thief Sisters” Transcription: Epiode male film actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. After Long survives Rio’s attempt on his life, the Gekiranger battle him for the sake of Rio and Mere, bent on defeating him in spite of the fact that he’s immortal.

Dan’s own son, Jyan. Beast Power Bloom [ edit ]. As Rio thought, they both had become stronger than before due to being affected by the Beast Power Bloom. While he fights the guys, taking two energy orbs out of them, throwing them to the ground.

While the others defeat Sanyo, Jyan and Rio battle Long together for all the wrongs he committed against them, combining their powers to deliver the deathblow. After encouraging the vekiranger to feel their full power, the five Gekirangers combine their qi and signature attacks to defeat Maku. Bent on saving him despite dying, Bae uses his Geki Waza Speak-Speak Soul to have Gou undergo a metaphysical battle with his beast side, ending up victorious.

But, due to Jyan’s desire to gekirangr him play his ocarina one last time, Suugu reawakens as Dan much to Long’s shock.