Meanwhile, Alakshmi attempts an unconventional method to free her “Sensei” from her mana-dampening armor following their escape from the Fire Civilization as Alakshmi plans to get revenge on The Choten. As the Choten plans to make another attempt to claim the Monarch’s Artifacts, Ray must learn not to let the fire within him consume him following the Choten’s trick that involved the Spell of Liquid Compulsion. Right click here to download episode On this episode, we play Arcadia Quest https: Allie has a sleepover to ease the tension among her friends, but Alakshmi crashes the sleepover with Gorgeon, Shadow of Gluttony. The kids must track and banish a small creature called Blaze Belcher back to its realm. In this episode we discuss Star Wars, Star Trek, and other current movies.

Ray, Allie, and Gabe discover that a thug named Heller is behind the robberies and has been using a gauntlet that he stole from the Choten’s men to control a Storm Patrol creature called Shaw K’Naw. In order to do so successfully, they must gather Infernus the Immolator, King Tritonus, Almighty Colossus, Eternal Haven, and Queen Kalima together in the Null Zone and hold a “summit” among them to stop the rising war. Ray and his friends are introduced to the world of the Kaijudo Duel Masters, a secret order of heroes who protect mankind from the creatures from the other side of the veil. Meanwhile, a duel ensues between The Choten whose real name is revealed to be August and Saguru at the time when the Choten Minions are stealing boats. Narrowly escaping the Water Civilization rulers after being accused of stealing their Helm of Ultimate Technology, the kids team up with Gabe’s creature Gargle to prove that the Choten is guilty and to stop him from getting away with his crime even when Alaksmi summons Magmadragon Melgars using the Sword of Fiery Cataclysm. Following the incident at the bank, Master Jaha, Master Chavez, and Master Nadia leads an expedition to the Darkness Civilization to rescue Allie’s father and endures multiple attacks. Now Gabe is put to the ultimate test to keep his brothers from getting attacked by Impalicus before they see it.

It premiered on June 2,and a first 3-part, half hour, back-to-back episode sneak preview was shown on May 5, Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? On this episode, kaijuvo play Herbaceous https: On this episode, we play Magic: Our Internet Hangouts Game: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Start listening to The Collective Brain on your phone right now with Player FM’s free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android. Allie’s loyalties are tested when she is influenced by the Cloak of Dark Illusions upon her being unable to get it off her. Enjoy your eggnog by the fire while enjoying: The art of Kaijudo is on the threat of being exposed when photos of Carny and Simian Trooper Grash are leaked onto the Internet by Lucy who had caught the footage on the phone and starts getting suspicious.


They also learn that a former Duel Master called the Choten is planning to use every creature he has obtained in order to take over the world.

Ray suspects that the mysterious person is a Creature Mystic that they encountered on Lord Skycrusher’s volcano warship when they learn that episod mysterious person who is trapped in a cursed armor had also escaped from Alakshmi which leads to a truce to get to the Fire Mystic.

On this episode, we play Kaijudo

Ray and Bob seek to rescue Alakshmi from the volcano warship while reclaiming Bob’s weapons and instigating a slave revolt. While there, Ray also searches for the Mystic who might be able to give him the healing spell he has been looking for when Epispde starts to slowly take over Saguru’s mind. In this episode we discuss saving money vs.

Ray agrees to the deal in the hopes that the antidote will undo Ken Okamoto’s evolutionary mutation before it consumes him. Ray goes with his grandfather to Japan where he learns the full details of his family’s history.

Take it with you. Meanwhile, a tanker full of The Choten’s Evolution serum goes missing in the Darkness Civilization upon being abducted by the Darkness Civilization creatures that are loyal to Megaria. Right click here to download episode Brands Behind the Slogans Song: On this episode, we play Kaijudo https: Now that the Choten has all five artifacts, he begins his plan to collapse the Veil and awaken the 5 Creature Kings.

Following the Evo-Serum Bomb detonating in the Null Zone, the Choten takes control of the recently-evolved creatures and leads them into an attack on San Campion. Celebrity Live or Dead?

A dream warns Ray of a new danger in the Nature Realm and he and his friends cross the Veil to help. In this Season of the Zodiac, episode features Pisces and more: Has Jay Eaten It?

While trying to teach Carny a lesson following an incident at a parent-teacher conference, Ray and Tatsurion the Unchained find themselves stuck in the Fire Civilization with Carny and they must work together find their way back to Earth while evading Lord Skycusher’s bounty hunters Blastforge Slavetrader and Fpisode the Relentless.

Gabe also alerts the other Masters in order to save the hostages and help to fight off the Choten’s minions. The Choten agrees to hand over a certain antidote to Ray if he is willing to give him a magical spell from the Water Mystic called the Spell of Liquid Compulsion.

After rescuing Little Hissy a baby Legionnaire Lizard from Alakshmi, Ray and his friends hide out at school, but are soon caught up in a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with Alakshmi and her vicious creature Razorkinder Puppet of Miasma Pit. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows.


When King Tritonus has formed the Loyalty Police, he has Milporo incarcerated for supposedly committing kaijuvo.

Mune Gamer Podcast 52 – Kaijudo The Collective Brain podcast

Gabe follows his brothers kajjudo an abandoned amusement park at the old pier while tutoring them. The hosts were Jay, Ken, Harry, and Brad.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October The Epieode discusses Alex’s plot to be a war profiteer by mass-producing his Evolution Serum. Ray, Gabe, and Allie explore the Kaijudo Temple and learn the basics of creature dueling from the Duel Masters and the acolyte Joseph “Fingers” who is secretly one of the Choten’s followers.

With the Creature Monarchs out of commission, Ray enlists Alakshmi to help find The Choten so that he can save his father from his control. Upon being caught by a claw emerging from the portal, Ray and Tatsurion discover that the Choten and Aqua Seneschal are behind the abductions.

Not what you don’t. Allie has a sleepover to ease the kaijudoo among her friends, but Alakshmi crashes the sleepover with Gorgeon, Shadow of Gluttony. In this Season of the Zodiac, episode features Aquarius and more: While investigating the incident with the Stalker Spheres not relaying anything to Panopter, Ray, Allie, and Iaijudo discover epislde Master Nigel is behind the tampering of the Stalker Spheres.

Tatsurion reveals he is of 2 civilizations kaijudi Ray: At the same time, Alakshmi trains Carny to duel like her. Player FM might just be it. Ray finds Alakshmi amongst the slaves in the volcano warship.

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Ray and Tatsurion duel in an arena competition for the Shield of Unity an artifact that compels all other tribes to help whichever tribe possesses it in order to help Gabe, Master Chavez, and Earthstomp Giant protect the Quillspike Tribe from the attacks by Midnight Crawler. Everyone manages to escape, while Saguru steals the Sword of Fiery Cataclysm and delivers it to the Choten for a slight look episodf Earth. JeffCo — Real of Fake News?

Tatsurion invokes his right to trial by combat and Ray and Kaijydo are his opponents. Ray, Gabe, and Allie escape from kaijuxo Creature Realm and help the Duel Masters launch an attack on Choten’s lair unaware that the Choten is prepared for their arrival by abducting Tatsurion the Unchained and the creature partners of the Duel Masters.