Apparently he died in his late 50ties. The Professionals Hall includes at least one American, writers, lawyers, priests, and others. All are dressed in clothes from the period in which they lived. January 29, at Another thing I forgot to mention was to bring some tissues. It was gruesome, but fascinating at the same time! Hi I missed this docmentary about the catacombs of Palermo when and where can I watch it on my lap top. Your photos are excellent.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. There were piles and piles of bones and skulls, we were told as time passed and the remains fell from the walls that they would be gathered and placed into the bone piles also as space was required, old ones removed, replaced by newly deceased although there were no new ones when I was there, I think Rosalia was one of the last to be placed into the catacombs. I slowly withdraw not wanting to interupt such a delicate moment. Some looked back at me with bemused questioning glance. Children Photo provided by Nacho Benvenuty. Rosalia Lombardo has been totally relocated along with the other children and placed where they are now. Two Monks Photo provided by Nacho Benvenuty.

Nick Cave Discography

For centuries, the catacombs were strictly for the monks, but eventually opened to well-paying members of the public. Fun email we received: How much did it cost you to persuade the monks to allow you access to photograph? Gilchrist, Glasgow, Scotland, wrote the following on this topic: In the mountains above Sorrento there is a village where a scene from the Godfather Part 2 was filmed.


Took my children in 8 and 10 they too loved it. Linda Caminiti In the mountains above Sorrento there is a village where a scene from the Godfather Part 2 was filmed. An unmissable experience if you are in Palermo. Would like to visit again. Face skin slowly peeling off skulls. I do not as some others commented, find it ghoulish. Some of the deceased wrote wills, expressing the clothes in which to bury them in.

I was fascinated by the display. Her father was General Lombardo. Many of the corpses were close enough to touch, if you were so inclined.

The method for embalming Rosalia Lombardo was invented by Dr. Palermo is on the north-western side of Sicily. I think he thought I was poor.

I November 10, at 7: In their detailed finery fretwork and lace.

Priest Corpse photo Photo provided by V. The ropes around the neck of the Capuchin monks made me feel of their faithfulness even unto death. The final soul to be interred here was the benefactor of a special conservation process designed by a specialist named Solafia. Lash Went to the tombs today and got a little teary eyed and felt sad that so many bodies palerrmo on display for all dilm see.


I know 50 years is a long time ago but my memory is not that bad. I saw a lot of what you show but don’t recall any being dressed in ties.

Navy as an ET3 with VA wrote the following: The app is totally free and contains no ads. Ed Smith I visited the Capuchin catacombs in It is very creepy!

These are 2 very interesting documents from someone who was in the area in the ‘s. Not just dead bodies, but people that had lives, families, and careers just like we do. It was originally put online for sailors of the U.

The Bone-Chilling Catacombs of the Capuchin Monks

Becky Oh my gosh! My father was born near Palermo, Sicily, so Ive been here several times. It has been cleaned and many bodies moved and displayed.

A second method used was that of dipping the bodies in arsenic or lime. Dressed in White Photo provided by Nacho Benvenuty.