The stolen Oracle Bell. Cannot wait until i get to this. You are commenting using your Twitter account. But, I could be very wrong. The Legend of Korra Subbed Binbougami ga! Originally Posted by Ondemand.

The tension in the series, along with one of the many potential love interests comes in the form of Satsuki, a candidate for being the next student council president. Maybe you should have started that running thing right away I quite enjoyed reading the first manga, and while it had a tragic ending, there was a sense of inevitability about the series, so it felt right. Newer Post Older Post Home. Jumat, 13 Juli situs anime. While I like the setting, I will have to see what the end product is like, and truly hope that A-1 Pictures are successful with this series.

Big Souls of the Two. Aurora Dream Subbed Queen’s Blade: Anyway, I am slightly interested in checking out Arve Rezzle and also Campione!

I have not played the game, however, I have read the few chapters of the manga adaptation, and I like the scenario and characters. While I like the setting, I will have to see what the end product is like, and truly hope that A-1 Pictures are successful with this series.

While it may not have those big series that get a lot of attention and hype, it has always been a season where I find I can sit back and relax while watching numerous entertaining and enjoyable anime series.

We also provide Shaman King direct download and torrent links! Only with anime comedy. There is one problem of course and that is the terrible plot synopses that many of these series have. Daily Duffy Archive 2 years ago. Frankly, it’s a bunch of BS.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate episode 6

Sword Art Online also has an element of romance between Kirito and Asuna, with their trials and tribulations creating a strong bond between them. I do not know what half of these series will be like, largely because I havent, and probably wont read the light novels that many of them are based on.


The curious element of the story comes in the form of his younger sister, who also appears to attending the academy, and for reasons unknown to Shugo, or us, is attempting to get close to him without Shugo being aware of who she is.

It appears to follow the idea of a special school for those with special powers, only in the case the school is entirely made up animeulyima people who have returned form the virtual world with psychic powers. Surrender now or prepare to fight. This scenario sounds big and epic, until you realise that dog and cat people populate the chocolaye, and that the battles that take place appear to have no fatalities whatsoever.

Originally Posted by SuperAnimeBrah. Now I have said this of course, the series will turn out to be something deeply depressing with every character dyeing in the end. Well, the token reverse harem of the season, one based on an otome game similar to this seasons Hiiro no Kakera.

Watch Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Episode 6 English Subbedat Gogoanime

Brb laughing one second, then crying the other. I am not entirely sure where this series will go, the outcome is quite obvious like all romance anime, but the path it takes could be potentially very interesting.

In this case I am more likely to go with the manga version, which describes the main protagonist as a hopelessly romantic high school boy rather than the ecchi high school boy from the anime description, although he does appear to have quite the sex drivewho sees a girl standing in the rain one day and cant help but go over to see if she needs assistance. This choclate one of the Noitama series showing in the summer season.


Tenchi’s Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate episode 6

Rinne no Lagrange is a series with brilliant characters, in particular Madoka, a main character who is both immensely cheerful, while at the same time showing a maturity that belies her young age. I am a sucker for these sorts of stories, and love a good science fiction that explores ideas about what it means to be human, so this one definitely interests me. Also really curious about this “D” thing that keeps coming up and the identity of Luffy’s mom. The Apparition of Tao.

If this second season is anywhere near as enjoyable as the first then I shall be a very happy person indeed. I am certainly looking forward to seeing how XEBEC ends this series, and truly hope that they do it justice.

Battle of the Gods. I just want more people to run so more voices are heard and people aren’t so obviously divided. The last 6 episodes were brutal. ColourPop x Hello Kitty! It vhocolate as if there is something quite dark going on in this series, with certain elements that appear reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell, although without its polish.

I may also be blogging the second season of Horizon, but thats not yet certain.