Thanasis is called upon, during the Occupation, to testify at the trial of It’s a Mad, Mad Vengos 85 min Comedy 7. Ola einai dromos min Drama 7. We watch as he tries many different jobs; druggist, photographer, even wrestling referee. O Aisiodoxos 90 min Comedy 5. Mocking Of Christ We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover.

IMDb user rating average 1 1. Fate has a habit of playing tricks, as an illustrious surname is the only thing a struggling accountant and the famous Greek billionaire, Aristotle Onassis , have in common. A married gymnasium student who is longing for her classmates decides to go back to school, to finally get her diploma behind her husband’s back. A silent remnant of WWII lies hidden in the backyard of an unsuspecting barber, as a former Gestapo officer and his henchmen disguised as tourists return to claim what’s theirs. The entrepreneur Babis Hanis injured from a driving accident in a village in Pelloponisos. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

Is this the end of their brief but passionate relationship? An Unbelievable Fool 84 min Comedy 7.

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What happens when this fake friend appears in front of him and the night before he is ready to go with his mistress? Are they both willing to put aside their differences? Ta Didyma 82 min Comedy 5.

Sholi gia soferines 74 min Comedy 6. Dancing the Sirtaki 74 min Comedy, Musical 5. A sharp altercation will pave the way for a brilliant career when a shameless liar meets his future employer: The need becomes more urgent when falls in love for a young girl who lives near him.


Kostas DoukasThanos Sandas Stars: Can the wise tutor learn a thing or kouklles about desire? To keep the company afloat, Manolis is to take three of the house’s most beautiful mannequins–Marina, Dolly, and Lena–for a grand tour on the sun-kissed Kou,les islands to promote their exquisite ensembles. Manolis, the lithe accountant of a famous haute couture house on the brink of bankruptcy, has a simple but brilliant idea that could increase the firm’s sales.

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Lykourgos, a retired doctor, opens a clinic movvies his wife’s village. Tha se kano vasilissa 93 min Comedy 7. However, things get crazy along the way. As the lithe accountant of an haute couture house on the brink of bankruptcy takes three beautiful mannequins to promote their work, a chance encounter with a rich businessman will soon pave the way for a delightful romance under the sun.

Kooukles happily-married wife will gradually transform into a purposeful, yet clumsy little liar when her close friend borrows her brand-new car and gets involved in an unfortunate accident.

But, who is the biggest star? An honest man is trying to find a job, but finds it difficult just because of the honesty. Can her love-smitten colleague save this delightful cutie-pie? When the girl he loves is about to marry, he decides to steal her regardless of the consequences.

I komissa tis fabrikas 88 min Comedy 6. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Giwrgos 16 episodes, Meanwhile, many other figures are entering the plot, who is totally unsuspected or maybe not. Vengos studies in a secret agents’ academy, dreaming of becoming a great spy like TV shows watched so far.



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Main controller of the political O papatrehas 90 min Comedy 7. Is his handsome, but inexperienced protagonist capable of pulling off a surprising performance? Erotic tangles forced Fani and Panai to leave from Athens to Chalkida,there they await new adventures with women, which will result in marriage, but the Panais will escape the wedding night.

The Parisian 91 min Comedy, Musical 6. koulkes

I Loved a Pontian 89 min Comedy 3. O trellaras 72 min Comedy 6. A silent remnant of WWII lies hidden in the backyard of an unsuspecting barber, as a former Gestapo officer and his henchmen disguised as tourists return to claim what’s theirs. They decide to send him in a supervised trip to Kos island to prove that he is an incurable teddy-boy. Copy from this list Export Report this list. Romaios’ uncles conspire to get the control of his mother’s wealth.

The adventures of a photographer, who undertook to take a photographs of exiled dictator from South America and eventually found chased without knowing why.

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Copy from this list Export Report this list. Antonis, who is in love with Roula, must find a way to convince her brother to allow him to marry her.

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