Prithvi hideously enters the Luthras’ house for a chance to steal Billa’s phone. Mahesh thanks Karan for getting Billa’s phone as a strong proof. Will Monisha marry Karan? Preeta accidentally gets her dupatta torn and Karan has a cute fight over it with her. Kundali Bhagya Season 1. Zindagi Ki Mehek Shows. Janki attempts to stop the wedding but Sarla and Dadi try to calm her hinting to relax. Srishti motivates a tea vendor’s son using Modiji’s learnings and announces about ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’.

Mahesh tells Rakhi about Modiji’s initiative of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ and requests her to make more people aware of it. When Dadi walks into the same room, Prithvi hides in the cupboard. Prithvi tries taking the trunk outside, but Janki’s presence makes him hide with it in a room. Elsewhere, the Aroras discuss Preeta’s plan to help Karan in backing out from the wedding, while also getting his image cleaned in the paparazzi. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Kareena revealed to her about the Luthras planning against Monisha. Karan is super tensed – Kundali Bhagya Highlights Clip 03m 09s. Preeta tries to stop Karan from doing it but nothing helps. Srishti comes up with a new plan and subsequently, Kritika, Rishabh and Sameer try to influence Karan against Monisha.

Rakhi apologises to Mahesh for being hard on him but he calms her.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2018

Karan is super tensed – Kundali Bhagya Highlights Clip 03m 09s. Srishti, Preeta and the Luthras makeup a story to convince Karan for backing out from the wedding.

Meanwhile, Billa tries getting out of the trunk. Will Monisha marry Karan? Srishti unexpectedly injects her neck with a truth serum. Preeta leaves a tasha Srishti alone in the eposode and walks to the kitchen to drink water. Preeta accidentally gets her dupatta torn and Karan has a cute fight over it with her.

Tujhse Hai Raabta Shows. Monisha realizes it and warns Kareena in a disrespectful manner. Sherlyn switches off the light to save Prithvi who was hiding in Karan’s room for stealing the phone. They share a blanket due to the cold breeze, but this makes Kareena go fuming on Srishti.


The young group of Luthras then makes her understand how they meet Sophia and plan this whole plot. During the function, Sophia, Karan’s acquaintance, walks in and claims she’s pregnant with Karan’s child, leaving all shocked.

She goes to the terrace for a walk and finds Sameer there. Monisha leaves for home, but quietly threatens Karan. Kareena and Janki have a spat over Karan but Dadi resolves it. Monisha’s cousins keep Preeta from talking to Karan which makes her restless. Impersonating as a musician, Billa visits the Luthra house for his revenge against Prithvi and Monisha.

Karan expresses his anxiety about his marriage to Monisha to his family. Sameer, in Ritwik’s voice, asks Monisha to come to the bridal room. After her claims, Sophia goes hard on Monisha and Rakhi tries to defend Karan.

Billa tries attacking Prithvi when he is aloof, however, a passing by cop meets Prithvi and finds him one of his acquaintances. Rakhi makes a press announcement of disowning Karan and disapproval of his marriage. Prithvi refuses to pay Billa, which makes him rebellious.

Preeta follows her when she leaves the stage and helps her understand about Karan’s sacrifice. Janki makes excuses for her harsh statements. Monisha and Karan dispute over Srishti and then she challenges to make him a henpecked husband soon. Billa finds Rishabh and attempts talking to him, but Prithvi nabs him.

कुमकुम भाग्य होली स्पेशल

Rishabh tells Sumeet to get facts that could help him trace Prithvi’s history. They hug like their last and start walking in opposite directions thinking about the future. Zindagi Ki Mehek Shows. Meanwhile, Monisha’s mother and cousins look for her.


Monisha is completely puzzled.

The Luthras and the Aroras discuss how Srishti could convince Sameer for the mimicry. Prithvi rejoices at Karan wedding Monisha and getting far from Preeta. Preeta requests Karan to stop the wedding and he asks her for a good reason. Karan asks Preeta to wed him, but being unprepared, she leaves. During this time they realize that Billa’s phone is missing. Monisha gets infuriated and throws Sherlyn out of the house.

Click here to login. Seeing Karan and Preeta find the phone, Prithvi and Sherlyn leave the spot and keep panicking.

The Luthras keep ideating on the plan to help Karan. In a fit of rage, Karan runs after Monisha to confront her while Rishabh tries to stop him. Srishti misses Sameer and feels restless. Prithvi and Sherlyn visit Monisha while she gives them a stiff look.

They then plan the steps to make Monisha confess that Karan did not molest her. Kmkum hears the sound of Prithvi’s fall but dismisses it assuming she’s overthinking.

Prithvi secretly escapes with a big box – Kundali Bhagya Highlights Clip 01m 12s.

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Yeh Teri Galiyan Shows. On Kareena’s insistence, Sherlyn pretends to pressurize Monisha. The Luthras keep waiting for what’s coming next while Karan feels miserable due to this plan.

When Monisha insults Preeta and Srishti, Karan gets furious. Karan realises his kimkum and asks Rishabh to help him back out.