The mills go by water, have one outer and one inner wheel of the usual form. He paid the treasurer thirty pounds, being the second moiety of his entry money, and was accord- ingly admitted. The HappyHaggis website if fully searchable. Admitted a freeman clock and watch maker in Perth Hammermen, The Dictionary of National Biography gives a short account of him, and supplements the foregoing information that he served his apprenticeship with a watchmaker in Wick, and also that he received as much as seven thousand pounds for his electric telegraph patent. His wife died six weeks ago; ever since he has appeared dejected and miserable

The Edinburgh Hammermen’s records are silent as to watches and watchmakers in the sixteenth century, and it is not until the close of the seventeenth century that we find any mention of them. F7 Words substituted by virtue of S. Admitted as above on 5th February Booked apprentice to Robert Aitchison, Edinburgh, 3rd November John Arthur, George Lancaster Esq. Discharged of his indentures on 26th December

Edinburgh Evening Courant, 23rd November Recorded 2 5th May At Helensburgh, on the 10th instant, Mrs Skene, a son. Mrs Cleland, Head of New Assembly Close, Edinburgh, acknowledges her gratitude for past favours, and respectfully begs leave to acquaint her friends and the public that she still continues to carry on the clock and watch making business in all its branches, under notiices direction of a young man who has had long experience in that line.

We only mention two William Purves and David Kaye, and in the extracts given from the Burgh Records of Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling and Edinburgh, it will be observed that the services of these men were in great demand. The Reid and Auld Prize, value seven guineas.

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We hope you find what you’re looking for. The body of the deceased was found yesterday, and given up to the relatives. That about three o’clock of the afternoon of this day the captains got orders to repair to their respective notlces and draw out their companies, which they accordingly did, and then the deponent’s company had linlithgos distributed among them, and, as far as he could observe, arms were delivered to the other com- panies, and that before the companies were dismissed they received orders to be ready to march at tuck of drum.


A beautiful bracket clock of his production is now located in the Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh.

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Such as please to favour him with their orders may depend on having their commissions punctually attended to. So manifestly dangerous is the state of the bridge that it is, we believe, the intention of the Road Trsutees to have it considerably altered, so long as forty of fifty years ago. This latter sum was only given once, and the average works out at something like 4 annually spent in relief of poor clockmakers. Provided that, where the local authority have, by binding contract, incurred any liability to which the consent relates, a withdrawal or variation which would, but for this proviso, have the effect of rendering performance of an obligation under such contract impossible shall apply only to the extend if any that it does not have that effect.

The Secretary of State may by regulations provide as to the division among the regional council and the councils of the districts within the area of the regional council of the amount collected by way of the non-domestic rate in that area in respect of a financial year. Mr Bain also explained the way in which he made the discovery leading gazette the simplification of the electric telegraph. Eight-day clock, fami,y invented by him, that will show the hours, minutes, and seconds with only three wheels and two pinions.

Mr Dobbie himself was wounded in defending his property. F81 Words substituted by Local Government Act c. In business at foot of West Bow, ; died There it will be seen that it sefies of the most intricate character, and it is safe to say that both partners must have had complete satisfaction in their art, seeing it was so congenial to both of them.


Recorded 29th May It has dead seconds from the centre, moon’s age, and a tide table.

Married Gazegte Tarbet, 23rd Nov. Foot of Broad Wynd, Leith, A local authority may pay reasonable subscriptions, whether annually or otherwise, to the funds—.

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Booked apprentice to George Scott, Canongate, The first of these is a receipt, or, to be more strictly accurate, two receipts of different dates, written on the same page of paper, acknowledging payment of salary for two consecutive half years for looking after the town clock.

This large sum of money was principally lost in litigation, a fact fully brought out after his death, for we notice in contemporary news- papers that even then famkly were put forward by some taking full credit for sfries invention, implying that the claimants had at least a good share with the linlithhow or otherwise of the same.

Notices regarding Saint Mary’s Clock, from to The deceased was a retailer of fruit. Born i8th Maydied loth October Castle Street, Hamilton, His customers may depend on being regularly supplied.

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Mathematician and Mechanic, was a native of Edinburgh. The property of William B.

In addition, several cognate matters, such as parentage, marriage, and other personal details about some of the craftsmen have been inserted, making this issue practically a new and fresh contribution to our knowledge of the rise and progress of one of the most important arts in Scotland. New Town, Glasgow,