I still maintain that they’re going to get more interesting once we find out what is going on. Guess MIB I’d meant be an evil entity of some sort and Jacob some how managed to remove his power and have him kept in the island. It said “early” ‘s wooden ship, to me that means prior to and definitely not Locke says he has never seen anyone NOT age before. Man, they really edited our chat on that site down! The island is an electromagnetism super hotspot.

We saw Jacob talk to Ben and Ben still stabbed him not with the magic knife though lol As for Isabella Jacob also said to MIB in “Ab Aeterno” that even if he was killed, he would be replaced so it seems that there is some higher power or force that course corrects things on the Island. Here is our other problem. Like we’re supposed to work on post-Lost day!?! Best I can come up with is that maybe Jacob and MIB are really just two sides of the same coin — something like the yin-yang principle. After six grueling days, the Man in Black appears and frees Ricardo. I’ll have to check the recap to see if it can jog my memory! She explains that Richard must stop the Man in Black from leaving the island, or else “we all go to Hell.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The statue could have been damaged a little differently in the 2 timelines, resulting in different episod around it. As for the day to night thing – a storm can have very dark skies – swason at sea. As far a Ilana going to the temple, I think Jacob told her to “take them” to the temple. But then why did Faraday, Miles, Charlotte and Juliet go back?

I don’t think it was just Jacob’s pride that made him not fight back when Ben stabbed him. Just waiting for more twists and turns in the story. I have comments on two questions you posed 1. Season 6 Episode 9. Guess since we wondered for so long it’s just sorta hung around in our minds. When John is is in the airport and I assume until the Oceanic was over the island, John was still paralyzed. But maybe we’ll find a way to keep the site interesting for a bit after the show!

Desmond Hume credit only Emilie de Ravin That really they are not so different after all? LOL then i realized you were quoting me! Another intriguing lesser mystery epiisode how did Captain Magnus Hanso’s ship log to the “Black Rock” get back to the outside world?


Lol As for the ship.

Ab Aeterno – Wikipedia

The ship is caught in a violent storm and a tsunami sweeps it inshore onto the mysterious Island; it crashes through and shatters the presumably already quite weakened statue of Taweretexplaining why the statue in the modern day appears to be four-toed only a leg from the bottom down was left standingwhile the Black Rock runs aground into the jungle.

It means nothing; the Rain is actually the elemental Jacob J-Rain. The other thing I keep thiking of is Desmond’s vision of Claire and Aaron getting on the helicopter to safely get off the island. The next day Richard is brought to a Mr. I had been feeling certain that that was Smokey playing Isabella in the ship. At many shows, Roberge alters the lyrics and sings “We all have our black rock, it’s in our minds. What a round about lengthy description of the BR. How come I kinda bought it at first, for a blip of a second, and then a few segments later almost bought it again?

The mysteries behind Richard Alpert’s arrival to the island, his immortality, and his alliance with Jacob are revealed–plus more details about the purpose of the island and the relationship between Jacob and the smoke monster.

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Has anyone here been baptized? The Jinn were generally ignorant, untruthful, oppressive and treacherous Man in Black. I think that the island is permanently living in a slightly different time or dimension. One crazy idea just hit me. Annemarie – Just because the character saw the statue and equated it with the evil it’s not necessarily so.

Top Episodes of Television Also, where did you got that blog bkg pic of the island with the light from the hatch? Alan Sepinwell of Star Ledger stated “for three-plus seasons, Richard’s been the serene, all-knowing man of mystery, and Carbonell was superb at showing both a cracked, suicidal Richard who has decided he actually knows nothing, and then at showing the very human man he was before Jacob made him immortal.

I still think Christian wasn’t always a Smokey apparition This is why the intense mathematical calculations and huge pendulum!


So besides convenience writing from the producers, I have to assume that – both Jacob and smokey could do that, one for the good and the other for the bad and that Before he says that he can’t do that he paused for a second and looked like he was thinking about it. This is why the ledger was found off the island it got lost sometime while the ship was sailing around between and I’m making that up Lol I guess you could be right that it Pre dates the black rock.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Instead of chains his physical form is taken. I just wanted to share the link to the chat I did with the folks at Mother Jones Below are our final Oscar predictions.

The Jacob ass kicking scene was really out of character for him as we have only seen him as mild mannered even while being killed. Claire Littleton credit only Michael Emerson There is no way he won’t play major part in the end.

Do you mean Henry Gale? I think they just like to use the themes of faith in the show. My only question is — why didn’t MIB just go ahead and kill Richard once it was clear he wasn’t going to kill Jacob, and in fact that Jacob was using Richard an counter his own corruptive influences on the island?

I’m both Jessica’s, just go lazy when I posted my name the second time. I just don’t think it’s that black and white — at least not yet! For example, while Juliet, Daniel, Sawyer, Locke, Charlotte and Miles were time traveling, Richard Alpert and the rest of the Others were not, they stayed put in the original timeline.

Mr Friendly did sesson he visited Michael in NY.

Right from season 1 Locke gave us the history lesson about the mining ships and how they brought slaves with them. Hmmm didn’t Jacob already know that MIB wanted to kill him?