Time passes, and shortly after she turns eighteen, Audrina discovers that Damian and Ellsbeth are lovers again; however, tragedy strikes again when Ellsbeth threatens to leave Damian because he will not let her go and help Vera, who is alone after Lamar Rensdale has committed suicide. She is described as sensitive and very beautiful, with violet eyes and long “chameleon” dirty blonde hair. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Log in with Facebook. Retrieved from ” https: Audrina is tasked by her father to take care of Sylvia. Infuriated, Damian rushes at her. With Sylvia’s help, Audrina awakens and escapes Vera.

She resembles Elizabeth Taylor. My Sweet Audrina The Wildflowers series. Audrina is upset at how her father has manipulated events to keep control over her life, and disappointed that Billie has been “tricked” by Damian into believing he is wonderful and kind. Her birthday is September 9, making her a Virgo. Therefore, he must ultimately win her back. My Sweet Audrina is a novel by V. Audrina is angry with Arden, and she wants Vera out of the house.

On Audrina’s ninth birthday, Lucietta by then six months pregnant goes into early labor, but dies in childbirth; the baby is a girl and is named Sylvia.

Echoes of Dollanganger Christopher’s Diary: She is Audrina’s rival, first for Damian’s attention, then Arden’s. Audrina lives at Whitefern, a Victorian Era mansion, with her father Damian, her mother Lucietta, her aunt Ellsbeth, and her cousin Vera. Audrina, conversely, is haunted by dreams of her dead sister’s rape and is terrified of sex and men. He is mysterious, tall, dark and handsome, a ruthless businessman and overprotective father.

Imogen Tear as Audrina Adare 9 years. Mother of Audrina and Sylvia; wife of Damian; younger sister of Ellsbeth.

Ma douce audrina

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. She sometimes overindulges in chocolate, bourbon and flirting but means well.


Infuriated, Damian rushes at her. Her near-death experience convinces her that she cannot die without learning the secret of the first and best Audrina. Damian relents, confessing that the first and best Audrina had never existed. He has dark brown hair and amber eyes and is buff. She does want Billie and Arden to be eouce though, so she tries to create a peaceful life.

Farryn VanHumbeck as Audrina Adare 12 years. How To Train Your Dragon: This page was last edited on 20 Januaryat Upon seeing Vera, Audrina is flooded with clear memories of the day she fouce attacked and realizes that Vera was the only other person who knew she would be coming home through the woods that day, and also knew how to audrinw to the path.

Post Share on Facebook. Audrina is kept cloistered in her home – is not allowed to leave the house even to go to school. As Audrina listens to her father’s tale, she remembers seeing Arden there and realizes he witnessed the rape but ran away in the face of Audrina’s older and stronger assailants, meaning he also knew who she really was all these years but kept the secret.

The girl falls in love with a boy as she begins to regain her memory surrounding the dark truth of her sister’s death.

Often I can see where a movie is taking us, but not with this one. Narrator of the story. She also confronts her father and demands he tell her the filmm about her older audirna death. Unfortunately, he becomes involved in an affair with underage Vera, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy.

Audrina is angry with Arden, and she wants Vera out of the house.

Ma Douce Audrina –

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Not long after Vera’s arrival, Audrina and later Vera discovers that Billie and Damian have become lovers. Her sister’s simple words of “home, Audrina, home” destroy Audrina’s audtina to escape. Depressed and disillusioned, Audrina pulls away from Arden and Sylvia; during this time, Vera continues her seduction of Arden and they begin an affair.


It was the only standalone novel published during Andrews’ lifetime and was a number one best-selling novel in North America. Still not prepared for sexual intimacy, however, her wedding night goes terribly wrong. Damian orders her to leave, but Billie is heart-broken by his cold-heartedness and convinces him to let Vera stay for a while.

Heartbroken and betrayed, Audrina decides to take herself and Sylvia away from Whitefern, as she is convinced that nothing can flourish in this house but pain and tragedy.

India Eisley as Audrina Adare.

To keep Lucietta’s memory alive, Audrina takes piano lessons alongside Vera at Lamar Rensdale’s home. She has a heart condition, making her pregnancy with Sylvia one of high risk. It was Audrina herself who was gang-raped in the woods.

Erin Collins Super Reviewer. Tragedy strikes, however, when Billie falls down the same steps and dies. Billie and Arden have moved into the groundkeeper’s cottage in the woods where the first Audrina died.

Lucietta Lana Whitefern Adare: The family takes special care to keep Audrina unaware of precise dates, including that of her own birthday–even though Audrina knows that she was born on the ninth of September, she is frequently confused about the exact passage of time, leading Vera to mock her audrrina being insane.