Too much set up for a line with too little pay off? So I present to you my venting for your amusement and betterment. I’m so glad I haven’t finished it yet, and it will now have gears. Meanwhile, the movie played on, and a pattern evolved. At any rate, if you like watching people ride fixed-gear bikes you’ll most likely enjoy Macaframa. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Here we see Armstrong emerging tentatively from his car, checking for photographers.

Find More Posts by xkillemallx Unfortunately, though, he wasn’t wearing lederhosen at all. Mash is a testament to the efficacy of the frame, wheels, cockpit, and drive-train that carry us through SF? I’m glad you’re drinking Guinness Snobbie because you are saving yourself as much as 25 calories over a regular beer of the same size. There is another movie about Macaframa called, The Cog of War: Most of the bike lanes are located in relatively flat neighborhoods close to the center of the city, including SoMa , the Mission , Haight-Ashbury , and the Richmond.

Originally Posted by WoundedKnee. In any case, he only had a few moments to collect himself before the autograph hounds came: Check Out The Trailer!!! Find More Posts by FastJake. Alex is all good now, not sure if he’s even riding anymore but I ran into him a couple months back.

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When we have some knowledge about the cultures we can understand better the people and we can understand ourselve in a simple way, and is easy to forget any taboo that impide the enjoyment of our life. Secondly, while I’m not particularly impressed by amcaframa fixed-gear trick riding, I’m completely sick of those goofy elephant trunk leg-over-the-bar skidsand this movie has them in abundance.


San Francisco Bicycle Plan. All Mofie know is it’s a highly stylized movie in which people in subtly different outfits ride their fixed-gear bicycles around San Francisco to musical accompaniment. This along with a Criterion Collection inspired dvd case with an eye-catching layout and short booklet with information on team riders and photographs should make this dvd desirable whether one rides track bikes or not.

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Except I did pay for the beer. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cycling in San Francisco. At this point I was sure he was wearing lederhosen but that he was still feeling a bit self-conscious about it: Find More Posts by Squirrelli. Fresh comments Leave your comment. I put myself through college. Well, actually, it’s endeavour, but I don’t hold out any hope for proper spelling in the Colonies.

I then returned to my place and promptly drank it in about three gulps. Love, some random jerk. Stairways to Heaven is pretty neat movie. I dress how I like and do as I like.

Where can we pre-order for Festivus? Just curious what other ones are out there? It’s basically a movie of a race in LA.

I sort of thank god that I am getting old. Too much set up for a line with too little mvie off? No pics of the foil-wrapped people limping around still at 8PM? I am anything but confused.

Speaking of disappointment, last night was the New York City premiere of Macaframaand I decided to attend. Inprivate bicycle-sharing company Bluegogo attempted to launch a dockless system in San Francisco, but pulled out due to legal concerns. The events allow residents to bicycle, skate, run, walk, do yoga, or just people-watch in public spaces normally devoted to automobiles.


King George, Of course it was originally ‘endeavour’, but there is only one correct spelling in the New Country, as you no doubt still refer to it. Nothing lasts forever, even cold macarama rain.

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It’s about the t-shirt. The Mew Orange Julius Bike was easy to find, since it was the only one with brakes and without expensive anodized hubs. Find More Posts by xkillemallx Bike routes form a nearly complete citywide network extending to most neighborhoods, but increase cyclists’ safety very little.

And most professional office workers are insecure gadget obsessed twirps that comment on anything to feel better about themselves. At any rate, if you like watching people ride fixed-gear bikes you’ll most likely enjoy Macaframa. All parking garages in San Francisco open to the public must also provide a certain number of bicycle parking racks, the number of which is based on the number of automobile parking spaces provided.

Also, judging from the sunglasses and the rest of the photoswhich show Armstrong hanging with Steve Hed, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were both coming straight off an all-nighter at Shane Stock’s house.

Has this shirt jumped the shark? So it wasn’t me and a big night out