After the screening, however, a large number of viewers came out of the theatre feeling disappointed. Other points that can be added include: This inspiration is still there. In the meantime, it is appropriate for western countries to evaluate the situation from a realistic perspective. They lived in fear of the events that have already happened today. Explore the world of colors through a child’s eye in this mesmerizing new video.

He can’t recall which agencies they are. During the Camp David Accords, for the first time an Arab government officially acknowledged that the Palestinian lands belonged to the Zionists and it signed the papers according to which Palestine was recognized as the homeland of Jews. We neither propose a classical war with the armies of Islamic countries, nor do we propose throwing Jewish immigrants into the sea or intervention of the United Nations and other international organizations. The film was born out of a popular television puppet show, Madreseh-ye Moosh-ha School of Mice , which aired for three years. The first film clearly told the story of the first generation of the Revolution who experienced war, displacement, and insecurity. I hate your phone’s answering system A treat after a long day We must not have any doubts in this regard. The fourth characteristic is that at the most sensitive spot of the world of Islam, this fake government and society has played the role of a military, security and political base for the arrogant governments since the beginning up until today.

The basiji culture includes the knowledge, methods and behaviors which can give rise to great things that guarantee the permanent Islamic movement of a nation on a straight path. Our ideas of the old, dusty city and the humble characters we had known for so many years did not correspond to their new counterparts.

Palestine is the primary issue among all common issues of Islamic countries. We sat in our seats with our eyes glued to the big screen, as the camera slowly took us into the lives of a group of brave, playful, and loyal moshha mice who embarked on a dangerous journey they hoped would eventually lead mooshba to safety.

Fil, would like to ask the brothers and sisters who are standing around the square to sit down so that we can have a discussion. Upon hearing the news, everyone agrees to leave the town.

I liked men at work and offside the best; especially the first one, which I thought was hilarious and deep at the same time! Everybody should know that they are responsible in these areas.

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It is continuing the same movement. Edit Storyline Probably the most famous puppet show for children and all ages. The Bahraini government has arrested more than Shias since August, accusing 23 of them of plotting a coup and provoking “violence, rioting and terrorism.


Thus, new blood was pumped into the veins of Palestine. I can only remember the song about going to school with pockets full of nuts and pistachios. One instance of the problems that they caused was the eight-year war waged on Iran by Saddam Hussein who had been goaded by America and England and was supported by reactionary Arab governments.

Among all the issues that deserve to be discussed by religious and political figures from across mooshhx world of Islam, the issue of Palestine mposhha special importance. Redhat and Cousin Rather the day when European and American peoples realize that the majority of their economic, social and ethical problems result from the octopus-like hegemony of international Zionism over their governments and that their statesmen give in to the bullying of parasitic Zionists who own companies in America and Europe for the sake of their personal and partisan interests, they will create a such hell for them in which no salvation will be imaginable.

Their deviation has been a blow to the issue of Palestine. The fifth characteristic is that Zionism – which is a great ethical, political and economic threat to the human community – has used this foothold as a tool and stepping stone to spread its influence and hegemony in the world. If, 30 years ago, heroism among the mice was defined as prevailing in a dire situation, it has now come to be defined by looking beyond the horizon and possessing an unquenchable thirst for learning.

If a people lack insight, different things will not help them improve their conditions and solve their problems. Basij is deeply moosgha and religious, but it is not rigid and superstitious.

Dear brothers and sisters, know that this red fipm drawn by Obama and people like him will be crossed by Muslim nations that have risen up.

This issue has unique characteristics. Today the Zionist regime is weaker, more hated and more isolated than ever before and its main supporter, America, is more embattled and confused than ever before. After the people have stepped into the arena and shouted slogans madteseye the Zionist regime in a powerful way, on what logical basis do Muslim governments continue their relations with the usurping Zionist regime?

Allah the All-Wise filj When finally he gets to afternoon snack!

Madreseye Mooshha, Lolek a Bolek

Very recently, the first generation of the Revolution — many of them parents now — along with younger generations of Iranians flocked to cinemas once again to see the sequel: Shapes includes the circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, crescent star and heart with quizzes which offer plenty of opportunity for parent-child interaction.


City of Mice 2. Other points that can be added include: The video contains original score composed by Arab musicians employing Arabic instruments and rhythms. And in anticipation of such a thing, the enemies of the Revolution were trembling with fear for thirty years. They have become aware. After many adventures, some delightful and some dangerous, the little mice reach a river they must cross to reach the city, and it is there that they come face-to-face with Esmesh-o Nabarwho had been following them all along.

He continues reading the thing and then suddenly finishes up with some very incomprehensible words. The second point is that in order to reach this lofty goal, what is necessary is action, not words. We are not surprised by the threats they make, the sanctions they impose and what the arrogant countries have been doing against the Islamic Republic during this time.

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But his reasoning was flawed. Innocent civilians, peaceful protesters are being brought to the hospitals non-stop. Basij is following the same path. We propose a referendum among the Palestinian people. All our moosjha officials and people should know this. Today Islamic movements and uprisings are being witnessed throughout Islamic and Arab regions. Not yet rated AliAli.

Most surely Allah is Strong, Mighty. The owners of visual and cinematic arts and western movie mafias have not been willing to allow this to happen. It is a fact that the Zionist regime, which is armed to the teeth and claims to be invincible, suffered a decisive and humiliating defeat in Lebanon during an unequal war against the clenched fist of faithful and brave mujahids.

Leftist ideology or mere nationalistic sentiments were macreseye what the complicated and difficult issue of Madresyee required.

Of course there were honorable, motivated and valorous men among them, but the organization went off in a different direction. The crime of these Bahraini civilians is that they are demanding their rights from the corrupt and puppet government.

The second characteristic is that this historically unprecedented event has been accompanied by constant killings, crimes, oppression and humiliation.