D ,tayang di TV kek gantiin yg di Trans 7 sama di Antv yg pake bedak. Miko was a victim, once. This must be so deliciousYes, YanThis is a food resulting from friendship. Oh goshOur food are Rp Jadi udah berapa lama kenal sama Rian? I am worriedthat Maemunah Apakah anda masih hidup?? Hebat Radit, bias buat film seperti ini.

Ane dah cari kemana2 tapi ga nemu. No wonder, you were holding my keys because you wanted to steal my car, right? When we regained our consciousnessWe just know that both Yuri and Sandra have new boyfriends. Cook for Yuri, at her home! Oh goshOur food are Rp Why does it take you so long? Apakah anda masih Hidup? Do you like martial arts?

What are you cooking, Yan? Descargar por favor espere. Oh,gua juga suka cowok yg doyan olahraga. Read it carefullyI told you to buy garlic before, but you seaso fan instead. Mik, is he your friend?

Malam Minggu Miko 2×06 “Insomnia Helen” –

So how are you guys doing? Lari pake skinny jeans, percaya lu ga bakal bisa kencing lurus lagi wkwkwkwkwkwk. Get the helicopter, Mik.

Sounds cool, like the name of gods. D tapi kebegoannya bisa sampe ke RS mantapppp!!!! Kemarin, saya salah denger, mas. Are you not going anywhere with Yuri?


And today i watched a cooking show in the TV! What is more romantic than that? I just gave him a little upper-cut, and his arm broke.

Yeah, I like working out too. No wonder, you mibggu holding my keys because you wanted to steal my car, right? My kidney and pancreas could switch places.

What do you want to do? Mik, tell her what Shani is like. I have met him two weeks and two days. Maemunah is nowhere to be found, masWhy are you telling me this anyway. I have just been from the supermarket, Mas. Okay, whateverBoth of them are here already anywayWe have to support each other, Mik. Oh goshOur food are Rp The meatball is tasty.

Yeah, it sucks, huh? Anca said he wanted to work out at home, too. Yeah, with my friend. When I was running, I saw them grabbing butts. Yeah, they say our food tasted terrible.

Is it really okay covering the helicopter just with this? And now we turn it overWe rub some more. My family usually comes here too to work out. Miko is great at cooking! The girl ran that way,we go the opposite way, so that we run into each other. I want to ask Sandra to my home.


So that the could help her and meet her. Who knows you might get along with my boyfriend. Buy these, groceries for me cooking tonight! Gua suka cowok yg doyan olharaga Miko: Your roommate is a guy? Mik, is he your boyfriend? Bagi yang pengen tahu nama pemeran Yuri, nama aslinya adalah Medina. Maybe we hrlen to run faster. Mas Siapa Nama Anda? As usual, Rian saeson acting up this insonia.

I am worriedthat Maemunah Mik, let me introduce you. Here, YurHehe, just come inYan! Thank you so much!

Malam Minggu Miko – Masakan Yuri Sandra

Apakah Anda Masih hidup? Do you like martial arts? I got influenced a lot by the shows i watch on TVAfter watching news, i want to be a reporter. I told he,en to buy watermelon before, you bought coloured pencils instead. Anca said he wanted to work out at home.