Morula has multiple bi-products like jam and morula drink. That is how life is. This despite the fact that the earlier veterans believed that his attempts at the brigades were a utopia that could not be sustained under the nascent capitalist economy of Botswana. I was about to turn over a new leaf. The remark did not endear Koma any further to the already disgruntled sections of the Front left who believed that, in Dingake, they would lose yet another asset that might have given them leverage with the ANC. Who has been a producer for a radio serial drama for 10years, dealing with more than 30 or 40 cast and ensuring their growth?

The socialist youth at the BNF stood resiliently by the training they received from Koma and saw to his demise and humiliation at the Kanye congress. That is how life is. We then had an open casting call for the general public and the response was quite good. Despite the energies that they put into election campaigning, none of them, except Koma, made it to parliament, serving rather as rearguard candidates who would stand wherever the party had failed to raise credible contestants. There are several people that contributed to me being where I am today by motivating me to look beyond just acting. More importantly, there would be adherence to a number of agreed principles and freedom of each faction of the front to pronounce those of its own policies which it does not share with the rest of the partners. Koma believed, perhaps, that if he shed the socialist rhetoric of the past, the Front would attract, or cease to antagonise, the more liberal sections of the capitalist bloc thereby averting their outright resistance to a takeover of?

These are Mpho, Maru, Moses and Masego. If we leant anything what are we doing about it. Someone held on to the responsibility and would not allow anyone to have access until it was a really bad state.


Thebe bids Limkokwing farewell. We are killing one another.


Log into your account. What was done was done. Kenneth Koma had pointed to his cousin Gaolese Koma and Gaositwe Chiepe as patriots with whom the Front could enter into a coalition government. No busloads of BNF comrades arrived.

Would you say Botswana artists learnt anything from No. We go to masimo and relax there. Menyatso and Harry Tlale in the shade of the tree opposite President Festus Mogae and his predecessor, Ketumile Masire, who sat under a tent. We have four main characters who will be facing the negative and positives of life.

I always come second and always one without. I then came up with an idea and they loved it. Other characters will emerge as the series continues. I am not sure which parties those are but they shall meet.?

O Box Gaborone Botswana Tel: We were sitting at the back of the van and my cap got blown off by the wind. I am not one to blow my own trumpet, let my works speak for me. Someone was given the responsibiity to look after it but look at it now.

Makgabaneng is now in its 1,th episode under my leadership. Increasingly, Kenneth Koma introduced a new vocabulary and rhetoric that undermined the revolutionary vigour of the socialist spirit of the? Koma believed, perhaps, that if he shed the socialist rhetoric of the past, the Front would attract, or cease to antagonise, the more liberal sections of the capitalist bloc thereby averting their outright resistance to a takeover of?

Mmegi Online :: Mareledi to air soon

Log in to leave a comment. Loosely translated it means if you work hard life can be smooth sailing but then again if you slip that could be the end of you. I have been a Producer for Makgabaneng for ten years and I am now a producer of a television series which will run approximately episodes.


It came madeledi a point where we decided that Makgabaneng is ready to go on television. For now I will not reveal who they are. All I can tell you is that the serial will address issues such as abstinence, alcohol and substance abuse, intergenerational relationships and multiple concurrent partnerships. Patrick Van Rensburg, who had contributed greatly to the debate about the future of the Front before Palapye, spoke.

I have been able to maintain its consistency and the show has never derailed from its intended message. We have no problem with joint actions on the ground,? Apart from Dick Bayford, it was a great mystery attempting to sort out the NDF comrades from the average mourning villagers. These are people I worked with when I started in theatre.

The puzzle was as difficult to solve as Koma? Every little time I get I spend with them. For three mwreledi before the funeral one could only marvel as the churches prayed for a man who was msreledi communist and, at worst, a scientist who gave a good part of his time to traditional healing in much the same way as the ordinary peasant. This wavering theoretical position left the socialist sections of the Front wide open to ideological humiliation by its adversaries at the Botswana Democratic Party and the careerist elite inside the Front, which was in charge by when Mikael Gorbachev opened the flood gates to the?

That is how life is.