Some actresses who took part in the audition also landed major and supporting roles in the series. Unbeknownst to Renato, Angelika place a “drug” in food Renato, to weaken the memory. Elliott rode out together with other prisoners after a bomb was detonated to open the wall. A farewell special entitled “MariMar: They swim to the beach without the knowledge of Angelika. Angelika plan failed, but he provides another trap for Marimar.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Marimar realize that Elliott will not stop to destroy him and his family until he decides to finally fight back the Angelika. Use mdy dates from May Views Read Edit View history. Sergio told Rodolfo that Bella is his wife, but Rodolfo think it is not possible. Feedjit Feedjit Live Blog Stats. One day, Esperanza visited his cousin, his parents brought the news of the accident.

It aired on RPN 9 in and became the one of the well-loved telenovelas in Philippine television history. Lola Cruz called Marimar after seeing the name on the necklace Marimar.

Marimar Cruzita say that he should be brave and strong even without Sergio and Marimar hide Cruzita and says he will return for him. Marimar to sea in a boat provided by Angelika third and finally decided to save Cruzita. After marjmar long search, Marimar Sergio decided to forgive and unite again. Because revenge Marimar, Marimar Angelika lost everything to.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It started feeling the rise of the bitter reality of her love for Sergio to himself. Although feelings of ill will towards his mother, Gustavo returned to finally close his past.

Meanwhile, Marimar and Angelika Angelika helicopters fought in a want to leave. A “permission” from Renato is to Angelika tortured in prison, and he gave the name of Marimar burn marks on it narimar Renato told him that the burn mark is also a “gift” from Marimar and Renato continues to hurt him with women prisoners who participated in to hurt the Angelika. However, Renato brought by Dra.


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It can no longer find Lupita, who was hiding along with his daughter. When I visit the grave of his parents, Silva, a friend Lupita, Lupita came to tell the existence and Marimar. Elliott went to Manila for an auction but Tv33, as Bella Aldama, appears to occur confrontation. Meanwhile, Renato went to prison, where Angelika punished and give the gift of money and give “permission” to the warden at the Angelika placed.

Sergio and the others knew that Elliott was responsible for the killings but were unable to find incriminating evidence against him because Elliott has a knife with a thumb print blouse with the blood of Marimar and Esperanza.

This article is about Philippine television series. It is not known Marimar, Angelika plan Aldamas fall heir to Sergio. Views Read Edit View history. Angelika responsible for killing his episoe mother, Vanessa May, and Esperanza. Renato told Sergio that Marimar is in the area and immediately went to find Sergio. Meanwhile, Gustavo left his parents and decided to live alone in Manila, do not lose hope epjsode one day, he will find his wife and daughter.

However, Renato had to escape from the hospital before the Angelika and the staff appeared. Marimar met Angelika, and they became marumar playing on the beach.

Dolores then demanded Lupita to leave their families and never returned. Meanwhile, the adoptive father visited Angelika Angelika in prison and he plans to escape from prison and Angelika Angelika can work with it to destroy the marriage of Sergio and Marimar.


Renato realizes that the Angelika is responsible for the loss of money from the company. After years marimag searching, Gustavo Marimar finally met, but because Marimar e;isode changed its name to Bella, Gustavo did not recognize.

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Sergio suddenly saw Bella, and recognizes himself as Marimar. Some actresses who took part in the audition also landed major and supporting roles in the series.

Then, Marimar meets Vanessa May, lover of his father Gustavo when it separated from Lupita, Vanessa said that he wanted to find her daughter missing and it appears the Angelika – Marimar competition. Sergio able to reach the helicopter before it completely off. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the original Mexican television series, see Marimar TV series.

Rodolfo brought to the hospital for later trial and imprisonment. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Angelika plan failed, but he provides another trap for Marimar. Natalia, a girl crazy and wanted to dream big from San Martin dela Costa, who is also hated Marimar when he was living at the Villa Santibanez, has seized the pendant Marimar before leaving the Villa Santibanez, and the pendant is a will to prove the identity of the missing daughter of Gustavo and heir.

Meanwhile, Renato Nicandro betrayed to the police and a group of Nicandro police shot him dead before he can try to escape from them. Renato finally united with revenge on Sergio and Angelika.