The requirements are as follows; – Films must be made by a student at a Post-Secondary institution, in a film or media program. The reading strategy I propose forces us to acknowledge that, while we understand the camera moved with the actor during production, the images created by a Snorricam are in fact of an immovable body around which all elements in scenographic space gravitate. This peculiar phenomenon constitutes a particularly interesting and challenging object of research, as its demands a larger, multi-layered understanding of points of view in narrative cinema. In narrative films, there exists a special connection between the camera and the bodies that surround it—both pro-filmic bodies and those behind the image. For Open Competition, we are accepting of all genres, from documentary to experimental. In addition to the programming of films from Concordia Cinema students, the CFF is proud to present two screening events, “Open Competition” a section during the festival open to all cinema, communications and media students at a post-secondary institution who have completed a film within the past year, while in school. The Work of the Steadicam.

Yes, but only if that film was made while you were a student within the past year, not that the film has to have been made at school, however. We will not refuse films on the basis that they do not fit this criteria, but we will be prioritizing featuring films by LGBTQ directors of color. Two camera movement techniques and devices epitomize this relationship through their unique connection to the bodies in the image, those behind the image, and those who sometimes take on both roles: Both Prati and Vermeil have been aiding in the planning of this festival for three and two years respectively, and became directors this year. COMS 3 credits — History of Communication I This course surveys the important social and cultural implications of major developments in communications from prehistory to the electronic era. Offices at the corner of Guy and Ste. The Cinema School offers three areas of study:

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How many films will be selected for the Open Competition screening? It is the oldest film school in Canada. In film criticism and scholarship, discussions of “point of view” are often limited to the narrative connotation of this hpppenheim. Canadian Cities and Cinema s This course explores the figure or ground that cities assume festifal the yoppenheim s of Canada.

It is the largest university-based centre for the study of film animation, film production and film studies in Canada. This paper, however, presents a larger understanding of the concept of point of view in narrative festivao. This week, discover some of their best short films on the themes of Community, Understanding Identity, and Young Love. An analysis of two exemplary films—F. Much current work in cinema studies has dealt with the representation and meanings of MHSoC proudly stands as the largest university-based centre for film studies in Canada, with a collection of works screened to great acclaim at festivals around the world.


International Undergraduate Students Q: Like the other programmed screenings, the Open Competition will be juried, meaning the submission process is open to many, but the final screened films will be selected by a designated jury.

For Visions, we are accepting of all genres, from documentary to experimental made only by student filmmakers of colour, queer student filmmakers or queer fetival filmmakers of colour. Log In Sign Up. Post-secondary institutions in Quebec.

His goal is to diversify the film festival, creating platforms for students of all backgrounds to share their story and have their voice heard. In this presentation, I argue that this mwl technical apparatus and the aesthetic results it produces have the potential to influence other levels of the filmic text.

New York, Los Angeles and Paris. The Concordia Film Festival has become a mainstay in the Montreal Film Festival scene, and now reaches an even wider audience through its noppenheim with MAtv. We are open to all students around the world! We also host screenings of films by invited filmmakers from around the world and talks relating to the film industry or film studies.

In their respective articles, David Bordwell and Thomas LaMarre use the example of a stationary passenger sitting in a moving train to Embodiment and intentionality—in the way this paper presents them—show how feztival 1 disappear behind the fluidity of the cameras movements, 2 do not move as perfectly as the camera, and 3 can also act as the operator and sole feztival of interest of the camera.

To conclude, although scenographic space and pro-filmic space might be cilm linked, I maintain that we must understand them in fundamentally different terms.

Through these approaches, this paper puts film analysis in context by linking the narrative elements of a film to their material origins. Yes, as long as the film was made within the time frame January to presentfits the criteria of the application and was directed by you, the applicant. Christoph Ehland and Pascal Fischer.


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They encouraged everyone to share their stories, in a free, open manner, on the platform they created. Cilm episodes will include interviews with Film Professors and filmmakers at Concordia.

Courtesy Concordia Film Festival. The requirements are as follows:. Specifically, the information derived from my examination of technical details is made valuable in the way it informs discussions of aesthetic elements. The ongoing goal for the Concordia Film Festival is always to encourage filmmakers to filj their ideas, and express their voices. Ads help cover our server costs. Vermeil, both bidding farewell to the organization of their fiilm project.

Multiple variations on this syllabus taught since then.

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If I am not currently a student can I still submit a film to the Open Competition? The MHSoC constitutes facilities featuring interactive teaching environments, shooting studios, professional screening rooms, Avid editing, Pro Tools sound editing, sound recording and mixing studios, sound archives, digital animation labs, and a full complement of digital and analog equipment.

To dissect these two techniques and hoppenjeim how their cameras interact with bodies in physical, optical and diegetic space, this paper uses two complementary approaches: The Work of the Steadicam.

The School’s programmes are distinguished from many others in cinema by the fact that it is part of the Faculty of Fine Fipm and each programme approaches the subject matter primarily as a means of artistic expression. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

If my film is selected for the Open Selection is it eligible for any prizes?

Vermeil graduated in Fall with a Specialization in Film Studies, and will be proceeding with a Masters degree in Fall The Link regrets the error. Prochaine s diffusion s: Skip to main content. The other screening event, “Visions” is a section during the festival which is open to all cinema, communications and media students of colour, queer students, or queer students of colour at a post-secondary institution who have completed a film within the past year, while in school.