Did the system around him help make him into a monster? When he regains consciousness, he finds that his wife, Farida al-Menshawy Nelly Karim , has left the country. MBC Masr at Eritrea Arabic or English or Tigre or Tigrinya. Owned by Saudi Waleed Al Ibrahim. This is an incomplete list of television series produced in Lebanon in chronological order. The Drummer Al Tabbal.

The characters are very one-dimensional. Speaking in his usual Cairene accent, he makes no effort to personify this particular character. S at E xpat. Three young people are trying to overcome the everyday problems they face. Saada Sayed Sweilam is a young man from Upper Egypt who finds out that his long-lost father is a prominent businessman living in Cairo. Hello, how do I access Fox Arabia channels? In Cairo, Sayed Sweilam Salah Abdallah is happy to learn he has a son and starts to instruct him on how to become a sophisticated young man, worthy of his father’s high social standing. Al Etihad TV left Nilesat.

The show also features a strong sense of nostalgia for an idealized, bygone era of pan-Arabism.

In the first scene of the series, we follow a discussion between two officers regarding the website publishing these news, as they wonder how — even though the government had blocked it — it still keeps operating. You’re the only site that displays vhabi titles both in Arabic and its receiver name. Three young people are trying to overcome the everyday problems they face. The first couple of episodes are almost a carbon copy of Cuffs.

They lead a life full of conflict and fights in the workplace and at home. Speaking in his usual Cairene accent, he makes no effort to personify this particular character. Later, in a bizarre turn of events, her daughter is whipped 80 times for drinking alcohol, in what constitutes one of the most horrific — yet also highly unconvincing — scenes ever seen on Egyptian TV. The script strains to offset the series with plenty of thrills and chills, so the protagonist comes face to face with death more than once in the same episode, and the screenplay goes around in circles.


Darwish Abd Rabo Mahmoud Abdelaziz is a deceitful man who has many victims. Aabu Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. HD Television channel that broadcasts conferences live without editing or commentary, using subtitles when translation is needed.

Nouvelle fréquence de toutes les chaines TV sur Nilesat

Aayle A Fared Mayle. One of the most unfortunate element of The Stray Arrows is its score, distressing not only in its mediocrity, but also in its feeble attempts to charge the listener with as many shallow emotions as possible in a limited timeframe. Soliman Abdel Dayem appears in two periods of his life. Mbc max is changing transmission frequency moaslsalat August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

A police officer arrests a powerful man accused of murdering a woman. New parameters since 27 December He becomes attached to him and leaves his family, work and life. It is set in the s, a fact accurately reflected in the dialogue, costumes and set design, enhancing its visual appeal.


Mohamed Gamal El-Adl Writer: Not aligned with the government of President Bashar Al Assad. Crime, mystery, thriller, drama Director: VPID changes from to It mostly broadcasts American Hollywood movies. Nat Geo People HD.

Syrian satellite television channel based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The State of Mind El Keif. AD Sports 6 HD. Will he meet the same destiny as his sister when he is close to the truth?

The main terrestrial TV channel, it also broadcasts on satellite. The police declare a large sum as a bounty for anyone who catches him, so everyone starts looking for him. The main theme in the series is following social and cultural changes in Egyptian society from the s onward through the development of two families. ONTV at3am and 4pm Storyline: He perceives this as abandonment, although she says this move was out of desperation.


Through the search she is involved in many funny and freaky situations. The Diabs seem caught between two conflicting desires. The victim is a female employee in the hotel whose brother decides to solve the mystery. The first episodes fail to make a connection between any of the characters — a skit-like element overwhelms the storylines without revealing any relationship between them. And have many Chinese partners from government and privet Chinese big companies.

The Legend Al Ostora. Will she give up or will she continue defending her principles? Some of the songs are written for the series and will be released for the first time when it airs.

I live in Nairobi Kenya and I receive all nilesat channels on mena beam with a 90cm dish except MBC package which is on a different beam. Al-Nahar at 1am, 3. Drama, comedy, thriller Director: The characters are very one-dimensional. Arabic version from Beirut, Lebanon. Proceed at your own risk.

Fakhreddine is a young lawyer with leftist inclinations who hails from the Giza neighborhood of Bein al-Sarayat and attempts to use his work in service of the working class.