Find all posts by Strainger. Using a small-scale test cannon equipped with a strength gauge, they discovered that the duct tape tile was indeed strong enough to withstand a cannon blast. Originally Posted by Magiver. Originally Posted by ZipperJJ. Did the 14th century Chinese design a two-stage, arrow-launching missile? Duct Tape Hour Next: Retrieved April 8,

Did the Confederates really have a two-stage rocket capable of traveling miles from Richmond to DC? They then repeated the test with a mixture of beer and liquor, making sure to drink an equivalent amount of alcohol as in the first test. Can a ninja catch an arrow mid-flight? Can a falling frozen turkey break a person’s foot or kill a pet? When you get ” cold feet “, do your feet actually get colder? They placed the guns in three different positions — drawing from the hip, pointed ahead for a shootout, aimed sideways at a hostage — and fired at each.

A single banana peel on the ground is guaranteed to cause the person who steps on it to slip and fall. Can a combination of footwear and technique allow a person to run on water? The resulting explosion blew the lock apart, proving the concept feasible, if not the exact circumstances. Can a full fishtank stop a shotgun blast?

Do cows hurt dimpld environment? The Build Team declared the myth busted since the myth epsiode the laws of physics. Does the tryptophan in turkey make you sleepy?

Dirty Car ” [12]. Will a scuba tank explode if shot? The MythBusters were quick to point out that the tape itself failed, not its adhesive properties. Can the weight of a bird be enough to tip a teetering car off of a cliff? If you place a silver spoon in a bottle of champagne, will the bubbles last longer? Will driving faster on a bumpy road smooth out the ride? Find all posts by Magiver.

Dirty vs. Clean Car

Most likely a lot of tricks like this are dismissed early on as unsellable because they are unstylish or clash with the brand philosophy. Is it possible to make a “magic bullet” out of ice? After taking a couple days to “dry out”, they then repeated the test with a mixture of beer and liquor, making sure to drink the same equivalent amount of alcohol as the first test.


It went nose-down, hit the water, completed a full end-over-end flip, and landed — badly damaged — in the water at the far end. Is running better than walking to keep dry in the rain?

Is it more efficient to drive a truck with its tailgate up than down? Can popcorn be cooked with lasers or explosions?

This is the first appearance of Kari Byron. Meanwhile, Adam and Jamie designed and built a seesaw that could effectively deliver the cae of the falling skydiver to the girl without buckling. Find all posts by Chronos. In the control test, they stopped the convertible in the middle of the rain to put up the top, but the interior was still soaked.

MythBusters Stunned by Fuel Efficient ‘Golf Ball’ Car

Could a mythbusetrs hang on to the roof of a speeding car? Retrieved January 14, Last edited by Baal Houtham; at A car that goes over the side of a cliff will always explode in a fireball, just like in the movies.

Can fingerprint scanners, sonar, or thermal alarms be foiled? Find all posts by yendis. For this test, Grant built a pan hammer robot to simulate an object being smashed on the counter.

A supersonic bullet can and will break any kind of glass just by the sonic boom it generates. Episodr three cigarette butts fired from a black-powder rifle kill a person at 7 ft? A skydiver whose parachute fails to open can hit the high end of a playground seesawlanding on his feet, and launch a child on the low end safely up to the roof of a 7-story building.


Can a glass re-locking safe be blown up by filling it with water? Can a holiday-themed Rube Goldberg machine be built within a week’s time? Originally Posted by Turek They put it in the back seat. When two cars try to knock each other off the road does it always mythbusgers in a long and difficult duel?

MythBusters Stunned by Fuel Efficient ‘Golf Ball’ Car – video dailymotion

Adam and Jamie started with finding out the temperature a car fire could reach. A water heater can explode like a rocket and shoot mythbsters the roof of a two-story house. Adam and Jamie count down their 25 favorite shark-related myths.

Leaky Heart of America Posts: Could a skydiver whose parachute failed to open hit a playground seesaw and send a small girl flying seven stories high, and she could still survive?

During the course, the MythBusters interviewed an Oakland firewoman who indeed suffered bumper knee-capping. Can oobleck be bomb-proof? Is shooting fish in a barrel really as easy as the proverb says?

Bird Balance Can a water heater turned on its side be used as a cannon? Could a skydiver whose parachute failed to open hit a dmpled seesaw and send a small girl flying seven stories high, and she could still survive? Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole I do not believe there is significant structural strength provided by the sheet metal at all.

The cast of the television series MythBusters perform experiments mythbustees verify or debunk urban legendsold wives’ talesand the like. Does a dirty car get better gas mileage than a clean one? Views Read Edit View history. For all I know the B-2 and F22 may have micro-dimples in their skin.

Does a car explode when driven off a cliff?