All World Cup Geert Wilders addresses packed auditorium of right-libertarian party members in Italy. A beloved singer gets dragged into Lebanon’s warring divisions. Orthodox Church in Kosovo turned into public toilet and garbage dump. Anti-Assad monitoring group says Syrian death toll passes , Tarabin, who was 19 when he was arrested, has always insisted he was innocent. Saudi gift to Lebanese army: Which Gaza is he rapping about?

The Muslim Brotherhood at Work: I have been looking into islam a lot recently and I think it may be the religion I have been searching for. Abdul Muhid Part 2. French media giving full, graphic coverage of Muslim attack on bus in Volgograd, CNN downplays Muslim terrorist attack. Palestinian farmers are to blame for settler attacks on occupied land, Israel says. Obama to hand over Christian and Jewish holy sites to Pali terrorists. Immigration in the Netherlands. Syrian rebels get arms and advice through secret command centre in Amman.

On the Eve of an Uncertain Negotiation. Kenyan Churches Firebombed on Christmas Morning. The Washington Post on boycott of Israel. The Necessity of Resisting the Jihad.

Immigration in the Netherlands. Russians find head of Muslim suicide bomber who murdered 18 at Volgograd train station. Saturday, December 28, News source: But during a trip in he was arrested and informed that he had been tried in absentia on charges of spying for the Jewish state and was sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

UK anti-Muslim hate crime soars, police figures show. Jordan Valley Settlement Leaders: Jihadology presents Top Views by Country in Please plan for the worst and add a bookmark for this other blog:.


Maroc Telecom Considers Expansion into Chad. Opposition movement or cult? What are some basic things I will need to know souszlive become a practicing muslim? Phone call links Benghazi attack to al Qaeda commander. Reza Aslan rejects “the reincarnation, which Christianity talks about,” claims Muhammad established “a society where everyone was worth exactly the same”.

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There are aboutBedouin living in Soysslive, somein the southern Negev desert, 15, in central Israel and another 52, in the north. An Israeli Bedouin who has been jailed in Egypt for more than 12 years on charges of spying has begun an open-ended hunger strike, he said in a handwritten letter in Arabic seen by AFP.

Al Qaeda Winter Pentagon report: Media “overreacted” to Boston Marathon jihad bombings. Hamas is Gathering Long-Range Rockets. Boko Haram leader claims another attack in Borno state. What we need is Sharia! Hebrew University women learn to fend off Arabs making sexual advances. Corruption scandal a US-Israel conspiracy.

Daily Mail forces judge to reverse sharia ruling on shady Muslim lawyers. A beloved singer gets dragged into Lebanon’s warring divisions. Somali attacks dog and two women taking it for a walk, previously tried to baby in pram with shoelaces. Bereaved families protest against Palestinian prisoner release.

All World Cup He slammed the Israeli and Egyptian governments for what he said was their inaction on his case. Belgian intelligence estimates “Al Qaeda” jihadists with Schengen area passports in Syria. Iranian tachelhitee says Jesus would fight America. Polisario Increasingly Isolated, Without Future. Bangladesh and UAE in talks for a prisoner exchange deal. Four US service members detained by Libyan authorities. African refugees defy desert cold, Israeli internment jew march for freedom.


Was the Volgograd train station suicide bomber a Russian paramedic who converted to Islam and joined terrorist cell? Many Bishops in attendance. Rise of the Fourth Reich? Christmas trees bring back bad memories for Jews. UN adds Benghazi suspect to al Qaeda sanctions list.

Israeli Bedouin jailed in Egypt starts hunger strike

iflm Muslim criminals allowed to hide identity as it might shame them in front of the community. Egypt’s decision fuels vigilante violence against Muslim Brotherhood. Cameroon takes steps against Boko Haram. Muslims protest French operations in Central Africa Republic.

Sharp drop in immigration to Israel from America and U. EDL Shop is Open. Israel has long called for his release, and on several occasions it has been raised in the context of a possible prisoner swap.

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Syria’s Assad sends private message to Pope Francis, Vatican says. Will Britain Ever Make it There?

Immigration fears grip Britain: Swastikas and anti-Islam slogans found on Muslim-owned buildings in Vendome.