Don’t most murderers return to the scene of the crime? SA did some good things for him, and he appreciated them and cherished them as he shared on the Namsan Tower. We still have 3 episodes to go do which makes me really nervous. I just struggle with him marring her. Did anyone else get teary eyed when soon AE was making those last visits? Did Soon Ae look so sad and pathetic to her? She basically isolates herself from other people. This drama totally has my heart.

Hi GB unni, Phew Oh my, but i hope he can be more careful though – he almost revealed himself in his own home – a second later and he is in for big trouble. We may see that in the next two episodes, but then again he hasn’t had much time to rest going from the Bong-sun, Soon-as thing now to this Sung-jae mess. If anything she could have chosen to work at night, not during the day. In saving Bong Sun, Eun Hee and herself, I’d say she would have more than resolved any reason to keep her from passing over happily. I’m loving your physics analogy and I’m loving this show because, like you, I gave up on shipping any possible OTP. The episode started from where the previous one ended. Kia or a OMG whanau, Fantastic episode with lots of shiver.

There’s good and bad to that, but it mostly makes our lives difficult haha. He may think these are all lame excusesBS is the type of girls who doesn’t want to stick to a relationship: Watch ‘ Oh My Ghostess ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. It helps with your anti-bodied and your immunity as well.


I feel for her, really. THat is my experience of the drama, and it seems to differd notably from her.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He didn’t seem to have that when SA was rrcap, or if he did, he didn’t show it.

Episode 13

Kim Seul-Gi is always one to watch. BS in her ‘neutral’ state is enough, should be enough for Chef. I think you said more than that actually: They made a pact to claim Sun Woo who by then was already falling in love for Bong Sun.

I enjoy reading everyone’s comments here as well. Therefore, the relationship between wavelength and og are inversely proportional to each other, while wavelength and speed are directly proportional.

But ack, Sung-jae has decided to come home to change clothes before work. And yes it became murkier, but you won’t know you are playing in the Gray area if they have never seen that color before. Yes, Chef makes almost everything about him, especially when he is with BS.

Chef didn’t say he’s in love with BS so we shouldn’t be too quick to comment on how fast Chef came around. Jagiya is not only used for husband or wife or lovers in Korea.

Oh My Ghostess: Episode 12 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Maybe it’s me, but it doesn’t feel like SW’s finding an in-character way of getting over this shocking news. Nessie August 8, at 8: I also feel that he needs to continue to get to know BS, and interact with her, and build memories with her. I appreciate your recap, javabeans! I look forward to her episoe works. The biggest plot hole that I’ve been complaining about: I wonder if he could go through the same things about Soon Ae, like how lovely she were, how much hardworking, she was actually the life support of her father, and most epsode Soon Ae loves Sun Woo.


She had to burst the bubble for both of them no matter how recapp it would be even though Sun Woo was unable to comprehend and read through the lines. All these events laid down the framework for their relationship.

Well, based on his armband I think we can easily guess who dies in the next episode Naturally we’re going to question this “logic” that the writer suddenly developed after setting up the whole drama in the total opposite direction It kinda gets annoying when things get dragged out and then sudden confessions occur in the last episode, leaving me in turmoil. At the police station, a colleague, Officer Kang cameo by Ryu Hyun-kyungreturns after taking time off for her health.

A fanciful and unbelievable tale.

I think he shouldn’t drop by the funeral to see SJ and tell him those lines – it definitely raised SJ’s suspicions. Chesens August 8, at 8: I felt the same way.