After being blessed by Goddess Meenakshi You killed my son, didn’t you? You, my bro, Marudhu Tell which town she belongs to” “Sways like a temple chariot, see Down Melamasi street, divinely” “For a girl, perfect carat this heart has fallen flat” “For her pearl-like teeth gleaming full life forsaken and floundering” “Hey! Let her have her fun! Why are you letting the baby cry? I don’t know him I was following the lawyer’s instructions Where does the lawyer live? All thanks to you Kamali

Yeah, tell me, Pangu 1 second The current’s back Get up and go in – I’ll kill you! You’ll go to court, huh? Who knows what will happen tomorrow Every minute I delay I’m scared they’ll kill my father So? Auto driver in Brindavan colony Tell me, sir As per your list, I have informed all the families By 10 tomorrow they will be at the Commissioner’s office Okay, I’ll inform the boss He has informed everyone in our list Everyone will be at the commissioner’s office Did you call me? Okay, give it I enquired about the party He’s the biggest bigshot in Madurai it seems If I do this, I’ll be traced So I’ll get it done through new kids But I’ll do it prim and proper Kali, it’s better if you handle it You’ve entrusted me, right I’ll fulfill your need Phone’s ringing sentimentally in your favor, go ahead, talk Hello, it’s me Have you reached the wedding place? Selvi, chop plenty of green chillies and serve him a spicy omelet Let him eat it Why are you teasing my uncle, grandpa? Catch him Don’t allow him to get away Amudha?!

Her snores have pushed us to the terrace If only he had slept with her just once, before they got married Let’s see if you last the night Sivappu, turn around for a second Where? Nagar I’m also from K. Girl is okay subtitlrs I need to know more about her character I’ve spoken to her She’s pretty, well educated and earns a fat salary Compatible on all counts Only thing is, her complexion is a little on the higher scale!

Balu Your name is fine But your character isn’t Character is most important for a human being Animals have brawn and beauty but no brain Sweets look swell to eat but give hell to your teeth Teacher?


Don’t cry Amudha Sethu loved her but her folks forced her to marry someone else Ammu, call if there is any hassle at night Don’t be panndiya How are you, Amudha? They nadj here Siva!

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I came to see you about Ravi along with the advocate, remember? Come in, aunty Upstairs aunty is here – Why is she here? In my joy of seeing God I forgot the priest!! All thanks to you Kamali Which shirt won’t ebglish in the middle of a fight, dude? That checked shirt Him? You’re just about to die You should know the reason, right?

Not a good sign Your tongue is wagging Subtiles be taken in by your wife’s words I’ll do a wholesale chopping! Remember I told you a gang tried to kill Ravi at Coonoor? His sons Ramesh and Pandi are alive Are you serious? I loved her for 7 subtitle I did not lie If you want you can ch You wanted to share it in Facebook and tear him to pieces?

Auspicious happening is believed to be good after a tragic event We know what to do They have no clue about my predicament! Customers who bought this product also purchased. I wouldn’t have stepped in if I subtiitles known it was hair cutting! Let go of my shirt Let go of my shirt, please Hey! I got a call from this number I didn’t make any call How will I know your number then?

Doesn’t he resemble him? Why are you stirring the duck pond?! Ma, bless me Have you been trapped by some mofie They bribe and hush it up, sir I ask this question to test how good a person is What?

Let’s go What happened?

Talk to your father alone later Hadu can I tell him Where are you taking me? Pandiya Nadu is action thriller with good amount of entertainer elements. All that I spoke was for your ears! Nagaraj Where does he work? Do we need to be reduced to that state? I’m here My father?! My father works abroad That’s okay Call any boy who is at home Basically I don’t talk to girls What do you want, sir?

Stop the car What happened? You’re not letting your own neighbor come here But the boy suntitles another area is busy doing his job there That side Go Is your name Rajesh? His nose is carbon copy of my brother’s!


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If I talk like this, you won’t learn Look at this! We were close friends, spent a lot of time together We used to eat together I used to walk her home everyday My friends used to tease me and branded us as lovers I wanted to propose to her But she changed her class That means?

Let’s maintain our story Dude, that bucks if you can give it to me Dude, see if this can be repaired It’s a mobile phone only Mmovie doubt about that! Believing love should be true I told her about changing my shirt Who asked him to blabber all this?

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Why are you scared to death my dear bro-in-law? Get in touch with us. Come this side If we don’t concentrate when we are driving I’ll enlighten your mother!

He starts stammering, if he gets even slightly flustered Basically from childhood nau has been stammering I feel sorry nad you But your elder brother didn’t feel sorry for me! Yes Okay The teacher upstairs What? You said your office employee Murugan wanted a phone I’ll be in my office in an hour I’ll see you then New phone Charge for 6 hours and then use it I’ll take leave I’m leaving, brother 1 minute I’ve spoken to the lawyer’s daughter She says she will meet you on Sunday You meet her and then we can decide if you want to take it forward Hi!

As if I want to die fighting?! Either he didn’t want us to identify him Or he must be known to us Before he gets to my father, I must finish him off If he has paid 3 million englosh hire a killer he isn’t part of a regular gang Please wait here Public I’m calling you only because you called me!