Thanks for posting this content. Chapter 5 Quest for the Monkey’s Paw 1, Saving Mustang Sally Quest: Taking a Dive Quest: Personal tools Forum Log in. You need to find it. Chapter 4 Royal Intrigue 1, Laestrygon and On Quest:

I would imagine that you can buy basic companions, just like you can buy basic pets from the WC pet shop, while the more intricate and skilled pets come as quest and combat rewards. Subcategories This category has the following 10 subcategories, out of 10 total. Mouse Trap N Quest: Righting the wrong a poor pirate did to his true love puts you on a collision course with the Red Claw gang. Can you win the Son of Zeus to your cause? Personal tools Forum Log in. The Scurvy Dogs can help you convince them.

When the official Pirate storylnie was released to the public, they gave us a letter from the Armada, intercepted by our fellow pirates. Main Storyline Quest gone?!

Chapter 4 Royal Intrigue 1, Tierra Primata Skyway The schemes of a tyrant King pirqte101 three ex-queens threaten to draw you into a civil war. Showdown at Boot Hill Quest: By Level By Type. This is a category page. These are gained by doing side-quests. It sounds like the companion quests will be promising!


Pages in category “Storyline Quests” The following pages are in this category, out of total. Journey to Subata Quest: Tales from the Crypt Quest: You may have to restart that quest by re-entering Banditoad Gulch and seeing if the towers still need blowing up there are five towers you have to blow up.

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What dangers do the steaming jungles hide? Prologue Part 4 Shady Dealings Chapter 3 Heart of Darkness 1, Chapter pirzte101 The Secret of the Storylnie 1, Can you take your place among the heroes of legend?

Standoff at Boot Hill Quest: A restless spirit warns of a plot right under Captain Avery’s nose. Chapter 30 Darkness and Enlightenment 2, After about halfway done with the conversation with El Toro, my laptop died.

Catbeard the pirate knows where Mustang Sally is.

Quest Through the Chapters of Adventure with “Pay As You Go” Chapter Pricing

Go West, Young Pirate! Views Read View source View history. General Tso has betrayed MooShu! Though many say he met his match years ago, rumor has it that he still lives today. And that means finding El Toro.

Pirate101: The Storyline, Your Character, and Companions (And New Concept!)

Bad Company Privateer Quest: To get the first, you have to make a deal with Monkey King. You’ve probably also seen that question about what happened to your parents. Mission Improbable M cont. Scrimshaw Storyline Quests]] to the bottom of the article, image or subcategory page.


Chapter 9 Plight of the Navigator 1, Quid Pro Quo R Quest: Chapter 1 Treasure Hunt! Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

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Besides battling the evil Armada, we’ll also be searching for valuable treasure and gold – namely, El Dorado! Companions, like pets, will be upgraded; both in tier and in level.

The schemes of storhline tyrant King and three ex-queens threaten to draw you into a civil war. One of the most exciting parts of Pirate is that we’re thrown right in. You might have only two or three companions in a battle at a time, randomly selected from your list.

Training Pets Snack Classes. Only a Moomori Quest: Sharks in the Water Quest: A Debt Repaid Quest: