It was a perfect fusion of man and nature. At the age of 9, his toddler sister came down with a serious illness and was hospitalized for several months. Come scegli la musica? Not long after, he ended up in the local jail. Edoardo Leo Director and actor “Noi e la Giulia”: In Montevideo the destinies and lives of two different men but united by the same desire for redemption will intertwine.

And the second teaser trailer Everything changes one day when Antonio accidently leaves the tiramisu his wife made in a doctor’s office. Ti faccio alcuni esempi: Attraversando la regione dal doppio nome, ho scoperto che lo stupore con il quale accoglievo i paesaggi che mi si presentavano agli occhi era lo stesso vissuto e raccontato da tanti altri. The inspiration came from what I saw firsthand when I visited the town, and then what I wanted to show my viewers. An unexpected event will force them to become friends. How did you begin making these videos? His mother sold clothes at sidewalk stands.

Italian Cinema Today

The proof is in the fact that Matera was named the European Capital of Culture. A phrase that is attributed to him reads as follows: It is raw and direct in its depiction of the connection between man, animals and nature.

The idea came pjzzicata the stories and descriptions of many filmmakers that have worked in the region. Luca Argentero actor, “Noi e la Giulia”: I fell in love with it right away light, and also with the people of Matera. It was important for me to celebrate the human ideational path and to understand why it makes sense to talk about it today. There are a lot of festivals popping up dedicated to Italian cinema.


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Le proiezioni avranno luogo la pizzicatx mattina alle ore He acts with complete heart and soul. He was asked to portray a female character. Sono questi gli elementi che mi danno la forza. The bridge was built on the main route of transportation between the industrial and residential areas of the city. Click here to view the complete schedule.

Browse the Latest Snapshot. Morgan Freeman attore “Ben Hur”: They were stories about the south, specifically Basilicata. This is where I spent my summers as a child, and where I experienced a sense of freedom and deep fusion with nature and everything around me. Born in in Napoli’s notoriously rough neighborhood of Spagnoli, Striano comes from a hard-working family.

Places like the Lucania Film Festival in Pisticci, for example, is the perfect example of how all this beauty iflm become positive energy.

It was a perfect fusion of man and nature.

Opening Films

With each video I made, I was more drawn to the moving image and then it became my favorite form of visual art. But he persevered and today, he owes his life to Shakespeare.


Sei una persona molto creativa. You would never know it was his first role. I love to work on this unspoken bond.

Does that background influence your films? Luca Argentero attore “Noi e la Giulia”: We take pride in our values and look to the future with courage and determination. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. It premiered at the Festa del Cinema in Rome last October, now director Gabriele Mainetti’s action-packed thriller will open across Italy at the end of February.

I asked Vania Cauzillo about this fascinating topic and how the idea for the documentary came about. I was then given the story and I just tried to tell this extraordinary tale to the best of my ability.

How many hours of video do you shoot? In the future, I hope to move forward and have the ability to work on projects that I enjoy.

We have so many important, complex issues here that need to be addressed and we cannot even relegate a few minutes of time on the news.